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10 Benefits of Wireless Outdoor Camera



10 Benefits of Wireless Outdoor Camera


When it comes to outdoor security cameras, solar-powered Wireless Outdoor cameras are a great option. Wireless is the must-have device for every household because it gives you protection and security which as a result it gives you a worry-free life. If you are running your own business, you can always use wireless technology to secure your business

Here are the top ten advantages of solar-powered wireless outdoor cameras.


Solar outdoor cameras depend on renewable solar energy for power. They do not pollute the environment, unlike those cameras that are powered by disposable batteries. Apart from providing good quality vision, solar outdoor cameras are an environmentally responsible choice. It leaves the natural environment virtually untouched. Also, solar outdoor cameras do not require infrastructure.  

Easy to install

Installing the outdoor wireless security camera system is not as complicated as it may sound. The solar wireless outdoor cameras do not need to be connected the mains power. This saves you from all that trouble of struggling with the cables, drilling holes in the wall, or calling an electrician to get the job done. You can install these cameras all by yourself. Likewise, in case you think you need to shift the camera to a better location, it is easy to uninstall and move these non-wired, solar-powered cameras to a new location. This can be done within few minutes. Therefore, it saves a lot of time and money. For example, Soliom Bird S60-Outdoor Wireless Solar Home Security Camera can be installed with the help of just three screws (the tools are included in the product). 

Support night vision view

The solar-powered outdoor cameras depend on sunlight for their functioning. However, the sunlight will not be available throughout the night. Most of the high-quality wireless outdoor home security cameras come with an Infrared (IR) Starlight night vision feature, which automatically switches to night mode as per the requirement. The IR LEDs need no external source of light to illuminate the area. This will ensure you get a clear view in the dark up to 32 feet. 

 Live view 24×7

The solar-powered security camera system includes a live view feature where you can keep an eye on what is happening in your property, through your mobile device. This eliminates the requirement for you to be present at the location all the time to know what is going on. This helps you to stay alert in case of any intruder wondering in your property. 


Since the outdoor security cameras are meant to be kept outdoors, they are designed to survive all types of extreme weather conditions like snowfall, heavy rains, thunderstorm or scorching heat.

Equipped with motion detection alert system

The motion sensor system triggers whenever it senses motion and sends alerts on your smartphone which allows you to capture short videos.

Longer lifespan

Generally, the companies offer 12 months full replacement warranty. However, they can still produce 80% of power after 12 months, with good maintenance. 

Energy Saver

Solar wireless security cameras depend on the energy from the sun. Simply install the wireless camera on the area that receives proper sunlight. They do not require any power grid. The camera will pull in energy from the sunlight and will continue to run even on a cloudy or rainy day. The best part of having a solar-powered outdoor camera is that you will not have to pay the electricity bill for it. 

The internal batteries get recharged in the sunlight, stores excess energy, and during the night, the internal batteries power the cameras. The solar wireless outdoor cameras will continue to work even when there is a power cut or any malicious act. Most solar outdoor wireless cameras today come with battery backup power units which supply power to the cameras on cloudy days or days of low light. Also, the solar-powered outdoor cameras are not dependent on the power companies and won’t be affected in case of strikes, blackouts, etc. Basically, it gives you independence from the power grid.

Embedded with two-way audio feature

With the two-way audio feature that is present in most of the advanced outdoor cameras, you will be able to see, hear and also talk to the person with the help of your smartphone that is connected with the camera. 

It offers unlimited storage space

Most of the wireless outdoor cameras today have unlimited storage space that includes micro SD card storage and free cloud storage. This would be extremely helpful in case you plan to add multiple cameras on a single Wi-Fi point. It minimizes the stress on the bandwidth and strengthens the connection. 

With the help of 4G technology, you can save all the video recordings of a 4G solar security camera on a cloud-based surveillance video storage system if you have a good 4G connectivity. 

Installing a security camera is the best option to secure your home from burglars and unwanted guests, it is an asset to your home. 


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