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10 Signs Your Company Website Needs Redesigning



10 Signs Your Company Website Needs Redesigning

Do you run a company website or your personal business website build way back years ago? You might consider redesigning yours with today’s requirements. Today, websites are the very core of companies and individual entrepreneurs alike. However, once created, websites, unfortunately, cannot withstand the test of time and frequent market changes. In other words, every now and then a website is in need of redesigning for one reason or the other. 

Those reasons usually encompass a change in consumer expectations and new market trends. If you’re wondering about whether or not your website could use a redesign, it means that it probably does, indeed, need it. That being said, here are a few signs that your company website needs a new appearance, as well as a functionality update. 


Check if your Personal or Company Website has these 10 Factors

Lack of responsiveness

Gone are the days when web owners had to maintain two versions of their website, one for desktop users and the other for mobile ones. However, even today when mobile traffic is dominating the online world, many websites aren’t as mobile-friendly as they ought to be. If that’s the case with your website, it’s time to redesign it with responsiveness as your top priority. 

Obsolete design

It’s no secret that many websites were made years ago. What worked back then doesn’t really fit well with consumers today. Old web design is now considered obsolete, as well as in desperate need of a redesign. That includes changing the entire layout, improving visuals and enhancing your content.

Slow loading time

Sluggish websites are dying out, mainly because no one wants to spend ages waiting for your pages to load. If your pages aren’t loading as fast as consumers expect them to load, it’s time to consider a redesign. If there’s one thing that will drive customers away from your website, it’s slow loading time. 


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High bounce rate

People are leaving your website as soon as they arrive. A high bounce rate indicates that there’s something awfully wrong with your website. Oftentimes, it can be visuals alone that drive consumers away. 

The fact of the matter is that it only takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to form a first impression of your website based on visuals alone. In any event, it’s time to make some changes and you can follow design blogs to see how you can make some improvements to your landing pages and website in general.

It’s not complementing your brand

It’s no secret that many companies rebrand to become more efficient. If that’s the case, then you cannot retain your old website layout. It’s time for a complete redesign where your new website will compliment your brand and your future branding efforts.

Too much to read nothing to see

Old websites are text-heavy, there’s no denying that fact. Too much text bores consumers these days unless it’s made more interesting. Companies, such as Infostarters can help redesign your icons, as well as turn text into infographics. After all, consumers are able to retain 65% of the information when text is combined with visuals and they are 323% better at following instructions when visuals are involved.

Poor navigation

The seamless browsing experience is vital for consumer satisfaction these days. If consumers cannot find their way on your website, they’ll surely leave and for good. A website redesign is, therefore, necessary if navigation is lacking even in the slightest. You must categorize everything and get rid of missing pages, as well as broken links.

Low rankings

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become mandatory rather than just optional nowadays. Ranking well on search engines, such as Google has become vital for business visibility, brand awareness, credibility, and exposure, among other things. If your ranking is low, despite your best efforts, it’s time to consider a redesign. SEO should be an integral part of your web design if you want your website to stand out in the crowd of many.

Flash content

Older websites relied on Flash technology to support various content on their pages. However, this technology is becoming obsolete and its end is set for December 2020. Flash is being replaced by newer and more efficient tech, such as HTML 5 and CSS3. If your website is still running things on Flash, it’s high time to redesign it soon. 

Not aligned with your marketing

A marketing strategy used a few years ago doesn’t even resemble marketing tactics used today. Is your website able to adapt to the changes in your marketing efforts? If not, it’s time to redesign it. 

Key website features, such as email subscriptions, CTA (Call to Action) buttons, social sharing buttons and so on, are vital for modern marketing efforts. If your website is lacking any of these, it will hinder your ability to launch a truly effective marketing campaign with your website as the main point of sale. 


There’s no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to personal or company websites. Every site is unique and designed in accordance with your business goals, as well as with your customers’ preferences and expectations. Market changes dictate consumer behavior, which means that redesigning your personal or company website every now and then is, in fact, necessary.



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