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10 Steps to get famous on Instagram



famous on Instagram

Being famous on Instagram is an achievement in this era. Every person at the bottom of their heart dreamed of to be on the spotlights. Why not? Being recognized by a large number of audiences is a dream comes true.

Social media is the next big thing for making people famous instantly.

You get an immediate response to whatever you post. The best part by having a big bulk of followers is to be an Instagram influencer. The UK dissertation Writing Services have also been an active Instagrammer to communicate many of their customers.

Instagram is becoming the most outstanding visual social media platform for engagement. It is seen in the past years the monthly users increased to 1 billion. More than 60% log in to Instagram for pictures, video, and entertainment. This makes Instagram be second most engaging site after facebook.

With so much audience, especially the young ones, then who wouldn’t want to be famous on it. Let’s explore points and tips to make your account famous and recognizable in the eyes of your audience.

10 Steps to get famous on Instagram

Identify what you are good at

First thing first, having an Instagram account will not make you instantly famous remember. Efforts matter the most. Do not just put on pictures and wait for likes and comments.

Find what you are interested in.

Whether you are a good photographer or a traveler or something like a beauty blogger you need to find your niche.

Starting with something specific will lead you a far successful journey. Try to stick with your plan. If you have any knowledge of new songs is good at it that it forced the audience to follow you. Be yourself and don’t manipulate. Dig more what you are passionate about that will make your journey easier and smoother.

Create a relevant portfolio

The second thing you must do to attract some of your followers, make use of pictures and videos. If your portfolio will have an edge to attract someone then that’s what you has is seen 100 million photos are shared Instagram. And videos will create a massive outburst of likes and comments that will excite you more.

But just putting on pictures will not attract them to be more personal. If your account is a personal one then tries adding pictures of your lifestyle, what you do all day and what is your interest. See, making a portfolio of all your pictures and videos added will give a basic idea of what your theme is about. Your portfolio may have 10 to 15 pictures that need to be engaging enough.

Keep posting unique content

It has been said that 50% of the Instagrammers receive less than 100 likes for an average post.

Keep these statistics in mind and come along the journey of Instagram posting. Posting a creative content which is authentic and engaging will make the audience read and share your post. Remember to keep your consistency maintain. If you post weekly or monthly, then think why my users are not responding. Obviously, people need daily updates, unique content that can entertain them all day, all week.

The statistics show that every 53 minutes per hour each follower scroll in for pictures, videos, interact with accounts and watch stories. A huge number though! If you are a food blogger try to engage your audience with exotic food in your city write content about each history of food how it was made, etc.

Generate your own trending hashtags

Many people believe adding more hashtag will increase more engagement. But that’s not true keeping fewer hashtags but it should be relevant enough, is more like it.

The most famous hashtag on Instagram is #love, if your brand is related to love then why not add on each post you share.

Some of the popular hashtags are

  1. #cute
  2. #tbt
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #instagood

Try to develop your own hashtag that is unique and engaging like for example, if you are a business of #keep your skin glow or #feel exotic. These hashtags can be of your account name, the name of the product or a program you are hosting.

Live videos reach out-100 million viewership

After Facebook live video reaches out to many audience Instagram has launched live video features that are highly likable. Not so long ago added into Instagram after stories.

Adding your videos gives you 100 million viewers.

Interacting with your audience through direct contact leads you with a happy audience.

As video content creates authenticity no delicacy. Most importantly likes and comments will be huge.

Maintain a consistency, talk with your audience

Being an Instagrammer is not a big achievement you need to be updated and consistency.

Not all Instagrammer who got hundreds and thousands of followers still need to be active so that viewers won’t transfer to their competitors.

Just keep it simple and do not leave your place for others. Try to post something new each day so that followers may increase from time to time. It feels unrealistic to post every day. If not then try to switch with pictures once a week if you are lacking creativity.

Be alert! To track your audience

Check with your audience which time they usually comment or like the picture. You need to identify according to the audience what is the best time to engage the audience.

This job has become much easier for Instagramers to check by sprout.  The most suitable time for engagement is on Tuesday till Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM.

And the most peak time which is also the best time is Wednesday 11 AM and Friday 10 to 11 AM. With the help of this tool why not see your related time slot.

Impactful pictures-technique quality over quantity

You don’t want your followers to fid up with pictures overloaded on their home. Though it gets more likes and comments with full engagement.

But don’t forget the quality over quantity. If you fill in your profile with relevant pictures just to cater lot if leads then don’t do this. You will lose most of the followers.

Creative fact: do you know a photo of an egg has 53 million likes. Do you believe that?

Collab with influencers

Collaborate with influencers make you worth high. Try to visit these influencers and follow them and turn on the post notification so that whenever your influencer posts some content you will get notified. This may help you in communicating with them and share ideas with them. The writing services have added influencer marketing into their digital marketing strategy.

Put on the account on public

Remember to not put your account on private. If you do whatever you post or video stories then know when will see or communicate with you. Try making it public, so that many followers become loyal fans and then customers.


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