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10 Tips to Instagram Visibility



10 Tips to Instagram Visibility

With over 500 million active users a day, Instagram is today the fastest growing and most active social network through which individuals and companies build their online profile and interact with other users. If you are not yet enjoying the benefits of this popular network, here are some tips on how to make yourself and your company visible.

Here are some practical tips on how to avoid this and make yourself visible on Instagram:

1. Be visually consistent

60 percent of the top Instagram profiles use the same filter for all posts. The visual page of your profile is key to engaging to get more likes and followers. Therefore, make sure your profile is consistent and consistent with your identity.

If you have a website, focus on posts of the same color and style so you can see who you are at a glance. Equally important is your profile photo, because they are seen first by users. If you have a logo, make sure it is clearly visible in a round format and insufficient quality.


2. Optimize your bio

In addition to your name, nickname, and link to the website, you also have 150 characters to describe who you are. Make the most of them. Your bio is an opportunity to make a good first impression, explain who you are and what you do, and why it should interest your followers. Being easy to fit in 150 characters and say everything you want, be clear, concise and convincing to get the most out of the short text.


3. Focus on quality content

More than 100 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day, so your posts must be engaging. Otherwise, they will be lost very quickly. Combine different formats and analyze which are most popular among your followers. Also, consider sharing informative text posts such as interesting facts, customer feedback, or quotes. Your followers will also be interested in news about the latest products, special offers, and contests.

If you don’t have enough of your own ideas, you can share interesting posts from your followers that they mentioned you too, or ask them what they think about your products, how to improve them, and what they want. This will not only start a discussion but allow your followers to be actively involved in creating your products and services.


4. Use relevant hashtags (#)

Hashtags are labels that identify your posts. Instagram automatically collects posts with the same hashtag, making it easier for other users to find and increase the visibility of posts. Using relevant hashtags can also help people who don’t follow your profile to find your posts, which is an effective way to organically increase followers.

Hashtag search works on the same principle as Google, and the more popular your post is, the easier it is for other users to find it. Each post can have a maximum of 30 hashtags and must be separated by a space. On average, posts with at least one hashtag have 12 percent higher visibility than those without, so it’s important that they be part of the text.


5. Mark the location

On average, posts with a Placemark have 79 percent more visibility than those without a label. If you or your company is in a particular location, tag it. Similar to hashtags, posts are collected by where they were tagged. Geolocation is very useful for shops, cafes or restaurants because such posts will appear in a local search engine and will help your potential visitors easily find you.


6. Use Instagram stories

Instagram allows users to publish short videos that appear at the top of the homepage and disappear after 24 hours. Simple and clear stories activate brain activity, making it easier to remember information. An engaging story also provokes a brain reaction that releases Oxycontin, the same hormone that helps people connect with each other. That’s why the best Instagram stories are exactly about it – the stories they are interested in. Use this format to share your experiences and increase your profile visibility.


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7. Add interesting text

To capture interest, the text is just as important as the images and videos it accompanies. An interesting headline and text will create a context and give your profile a unique character. Like good books, the best texts are those that we read easily and with interest and that will enrich us in some way. In order to create your own writing style, you need to know the style and interests of your followers, so focus on them first.


8. Add a relevant link to your profile

When you post a blog or share something new, always add this link to your profile. Many users copy the links into the post text, but the Instagram settings change the link to a text format and cannot be clicked. Therefore, if you want your followers to visit the link you share, have it available on your profile and link to it within the text. This will significantly increase your chances of clicking the link.


9. Publish at the right time

According to recent surveys, most companies publish posts 11 to 20 times a month, and Thursday is the most effective day to publish. Since we are all different, what applies to one industry or demographic group does not apply elsewhere. Therefore, the most effective strategy is to try different timings and identify when you will get the best results. This gives you the most accurate data to focus on posting when your audience is most active.


10. Be yourself

We are all unique and that is what sets us apart from the crowd. Although Instagram is filled with personal and company profiles of all kinds, your personality and brand identity is what makes you interesting. Therefore, maintain your authenticity. Share your story and interesting moments from life as it fits you and your brand. This will bring you closer to your followers and likes, and give them the chance to know who you really are.



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