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11 Best Places to Celebrate Diwali



Places to Celebrate Diwali

To celebrate Diwali festival, there are few places that you want to consider to visit. Diwali is the festival of lights which is also one of the biggest festivals of the year. Markets are adorned in lights and become the hotspots for the festive shopping. People celebrate the festival with their loved ones and visit relatives and friends as well. Many people also plan their vacation on Diwali to celebrate it in a unique way. In this post, we are sharing some of the best places in India that you can visit this Diwali. All these places are famous for their Diwali celebrations and are home to some of the unique customs and rituals. These places are also renowned for their rich and delicious Diwali sweets and food items. You can also take part in the local public Diwali Pooja and Diwali parties that are organized at these places. So, check out all of them and celebrate Diwali this year in a unique manner.

Top 11 Places for Diwali Celebration in 2019

1. Varanasi


Varanasi or Banaras is a place that has an immaculate reputation among all the cultural places in India. The place has a distinct vibe and aura all over that exudes culture, regional influences and the place still retains that typical Indian charm. This is why it remains in the top positions when it comes to festive celebrations in India. The Ghats become a lively and vibrant affair with people taking part in Hawan and many other rituals. The markets are loaded with traditional goods and handicrafts. The food scene is epic, with Desi Ghee preparations sending their aromas to kilometers. Ganga Mahotsav and Dev Deepawali are also very famous festivals of Varanasi which are enjoyed by the tourists and locals alike.

It is undoubtedly one of the best places to celebrate Diwali in all its glory and grandeur. We recommend booking the flights and hotels well in advance because of the popularity of this place. If you are thinking that late bookings can fetch you the festive discounts, stop waiting! You can plan your bookings with sites like Musafir or any other smart money-saving options. It’s better to use Musafir offers if using this option as you can get great discounts on bookings.

2. Goa

Goa Diwali

Yes; you read it right. Goa is also famous for its Diwali celebrations and local Narkasur festival. The place is one of the best ones to enjoy the best of both the worlds – modern and traditional elements. You can enjoy gambling at the casinos; relax on the beaches; explore the tourist attractions and enjoy the pompous Narkasur Dehen parades and other festivities. The place will be at its best during this time of the year with all the monsoon humidity gone.

3. Kolkata

Kolkata Diwali

Kolkata is home to some of the most vibrant, pompous and amazing Diwali celebrations. The metro city imbibes the spirit of religion and culture and is a fantastic place to celebrate Diwali this year. Kolkata also enjoys the best food scene, and the market places get overloaded with sweets and other delectable dishes. It offers an ample number of options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Diwali pooja pandals and public festivities stretch from dusk to dawn. Kali Pooja is one of the best attractions here. We recommend staying at least one week after Diwali and enjoy the other local festivals in various parts of West Bengal.

4. Jaipur

Jaipur Diwali

Celebrate this year’s Diwali at the heartland of Rajasthan – Jaipur! The place transforms into a massive live celebration fest at this time of the year. Markets are loaded with a plethora of colorful, attractive, handicrafts and antique products. Saris, Lehengas and other ethnic dresses are at their best, and the weather is super-fantastic. You can enjoy feasting at the local eateries that serve traditional Rajasthani dishes. Chokhi Dhani becomes an entirely new festive celebrations’ joint with everything bedecked in lights and diyas. The air becomes fragrant with the aroma of rich and delicious dishes. Shopping, pooja, festive grandeur, traditional Indian food, and pleasant weather – Jaipur is the place to be!

5. Pushkar

Pushkar Diwali

This tiny little place near Ajmer is BIG on Diwali celebrations. Its local camel fair is one of the best events with more than fifty thousand camels participating. The gongs and other musical instruments send reverberations into the atmosphere and surroundings during the celebrations. Diwali Poojas are an impeccably grand affair at all the temples. With numerous visitors flocking to this place just for Diwali celebrations, it is easily one of the best places in India to celebrate Diwali this year.

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Some other notable places to celebrate Diwali are:

  1. Coorg
  2. Amritsar
  3. Hampi
  4. Udaipur
  5. Hyderabad
  6. Agra

So, people, you have the list now. Take your picks and plan the bookings well in advance to not miss Diwali celebrations at these hotspots.

Happy Diwali!

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