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2019 GFEL Educational Conference in Dubai



2019 GFEL Educational Conference in Dubai

Why do people who want to excel in their disciplines go to educational conferences? Well, for starters, they seek the latest innovations in their areas of interest and want to expand their horizons by listening to distinguished speakers. Another important advantage of going to an ed conference, which is often overlooked, is networking.

Networking is not just a formal tête-à-tête ending with the polite exchange of business cards; it’s so much more than this! But educationists often hesitate to make a conversation with people from other disciplines because of differences in ideologies and perspectives.

But that’s the beauty of an education conference, right? It brings teachers, researchers, policymakers, and EdTech startup founders under the same roof. Here, a healthy conversation can take place if attendees adopt a multidisciplinary approach and look at global education issues from a wider perspective. GFEL (Global Forum for Education and Learning), an international conference on education, provides the perfect platform for this!

Let’s go over the benefits of networking with attendees of 2019 GFEL Educational Conference in Dubai 2019

1) Form connections 

International ed conferences double up as networking events and the best ones offer ample time to connect with attendees and delegates. For instance, top ed conferences like GFEL Dubai 2019 have two hours dedicated to networking. So if you are an edupreneur, make sure that you refine your pitch!

International education conferences have world-renowned keynote speakers and distinguished delegates who are known for contributions in their fields. So, members of the teaching fraternity can build lasting connections with them and talk about potential collaborations. They can talk to each other, share research ideas or resources, know what people are working on and deliberate upon challenges faced by the education sector. Scholars can find these connections helpful when they come across professional challenges in the future.



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2) Find solutions 

The 21-century education sector is facing a lot of bottlenecks at the local as well as the global level. With issues such as high dropout rates of adolescent girls in developing countries and the inability of schools to prepare students for the future workplace, there’s a lot that edupreneurs, academicians and policymakers need to discuss.

Leading education experts from around the world converge at international education conferences that offer a unique window to thought-provoking conversations and brainstorming sessions. They can learn from model schools and colleges which have dealt with learning issues through sheer creativity and innovation. Additionally, higher ed heads can find EdTech founders at conferences such as GFEL Dubai 2019 who might have products and tools to make learning easier and fun!

3) Find mentors 

Finding the perfect mentor is integral to your research being published in international journals and getting the right fellowships. People who are working in similar fields must also be in your list of contacts specially marked out for the times when you hit a roadblock in your thesis.

Why? Because research scholars who have great professional connections are more likely to come up with flawless research papers. They deal with their research questions more comprehensively. They are also more likely to succeed in their academic careers than their counterparts. So, make sure that you attend global education conferences and request distinguished seniors to guide you in your field.

4) Hands-on experience with 21st-century tools

GFEL Dubai 2019 will have top edupreneurs presenting their ideas and products before the teaching fraternity. This makes it one of the must-attend educational events of 2019. School and college heads can meet with such vendors right at ground zero and get a first-hand experience of educational tools which can enhance student performance.

The present century is a witness to developments in the fields of AI, machine learning, AR, VR, and robotics—all of which can help you to meet the learning needs of each and every student. With these technologies in the classroom, you can model your lessons to cater to the different learning styles of young and old learners.

You can discuss these new tools with your peers in the educational conference and go over the pros and cons of purchasing them for your institution. One more reason to attend GFEL!


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