3 Reasons Why Content Is King in SEO

3 Reasons Why Content Is King in SEO

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it- content is critical. This is especially true when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). Not long ago, SEO strategies might have worked without a powerful content plan backing it up, but not anymore.

Today, the content you post on your website must be relevant to what your audience is searching for, and should provide answers to their questions. Just look at how numbers are pointing to high-quality content as the key to increasing your site’s rankings and website traffic:

-78% of consumers believe that businesses providing great content are interested in building long-lasting relationships. (Source: Altimeter).

-75% of the consumer’s buying decision is influenced by content. (Source: Demand Gen 2017).

For these reasons:

-57% of marketers use content as their top marketing priority, and 42% of them say they are effective at content marketing. (Source: CMI).

Why is Content the King of SEO?

The reason why content is undeniably the king of SEO is this: Google and other popular search engines use bots, commonly known as web crawlers, to comb through billions of web pages across the internet.

These web crawlers look at the content on these pages (especially keywords) and links that connect to other pages. They particularly pay close attention to new websites and changes made to existing sites. All this is tracked down in what is known as Search Indexing.

Websites are indexed based on various factors determined by search engines. These factors, however, keep changing, which is why SEO is never a one-and-done job. You must work at it consistently.

Creating new, fresh content is one way to increase how often your site is crawled and indexed. This doesn’t mean you should edit a few words here and there, or post short, low-quality articles daily. It’s also not enough to produce the same information over and over again hoping to jump up the keyword rankings.

Content has to be unique, engaging and insightful to serve its intended purpose. If you attempt to post some poorly written, dull content, Google may actually penalize you by lowering your rankings for specific keywords.

You see, high-quality content that’s unique, relevant and informative has a significant impact on SEO for three reasons:

1. Good Content Builds Authority

Why do people search the internet? They are looking for answers. And if your site constantly provides those answers, Google and other search engines will notice, but this won’t happen overnight. It takes time to build your site as an authority figure. The best way to do this is by posting new, original content on a weekly or monthly basis.

2. More Content = More Keywords

Another significant benefit of creating content regularly is that each post creates a good opportunity for your site to show up in Google and other search engines for different keywords. In this scenario, it’s a numbers game.

Just think about it; if you were a search engine, would you notice a site with 100 well-written posts and keeps publishing GREAT content weekly, OR would you notice a site that has only ten posts and DOESN’T post new content? The answer is straightforward.

Blogging is undeniably one of the best ways to jump up your keyword rankings. When writing new content, you should include keyword phrases in the title of the blog as well as in the sub-headings. More importantly, ensure the keyword phrase appears in the first paragraph of the blog.

You should also include other media such as images and videos within the post and tag them appropriately. This not only helps in making the content more interesting to read but also helps with Google indexing. According to Moz.com, posts with images, videos, sound, and movement can attract as much as six times more in linking domains (ILDs) than a simple post with text only.

3. Unique Content Builds a Great Backlink Profile

If you continually publish great content, people will see it and begin to share your content on social media. When this happens, you get backlinks to your site. We call this the natural link-building process, because truth is, people will always share and engage with great content.

Forbes says that back-links are links on other websites that provide value to the intended audience, and the link itself (anchor text) carries significant weight on the page. So, as the natural link building process happens, things start to snowball on your site, you’ll slowly begin receiving more and more links, thus building a healthy backlink profile that search engines love.

So Why is Content the King of SEO?

Because content greatly improves your visibility.

And without visibility, your site will just be another one of the millions of websites on the internet.

No one reads it.

No one shares it

No one does anything with it.

But it’s very easy to get visibility when you commit yourself to the grind of creating great, well-researched, informative content.

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