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3 Smart Content Marketing Tips



3 Smart Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing forms a major part of a given digital marketing campaign, making content promotion is important as well. We discuss three content marketing techniques very few marketers follow or know about.


Content Marketing

The value of content is often bandied about in digital marketing circles. There is merit behind the constant raving about the need for quality content to define the destiny of a campaign. A digital marketing campaign which puts out good content is likely to win over another which doesn’t have the same appeal. Such is the way the digital marketing world is set, driven by content and engagement.

Promoting content is such a scenario can be a difficult task. With all types of brands in the market promoting their own content, it is difficult for digital marketers to make their own content stand out.

For new websites with little SEO optimization, it is difficult to get high search rankings at first. Since it is new websites which need an injection of website visitors the most, it is vital for digital marketers at small brands and startups to master the art of content promotion.

Content promotion is not given enough attention across every digital marketing training setup across the board. Some top online courses may not even touch upon content promotion, while at the same time it may be taught at a small yet high-quality digital marketing course in Delhi.

In this article, we discuss three content marketing tips that digital marketers in the field don’t know very well.


Posting Longer Content

This is a content marketing tip many digital marketers have stopped following for some reason. The best source for a new website to get traffic from is a search engine like Google. This is because the reach of the search engine is unlike any other digital platform.

To get traffic from Google, a website first has to get a high search ranking. For a new website, the best tactic to get content to be ranked high on Google is writing long content, crossing at least 2000 words.


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According to a study, Long content tends to get ranked higher because it can go into detail on other long-tail keywords which cannot be targeted in shorter content. Since search engines like content which delves deep into a topic and presents unique points which are not necessarily made on other websites, long content always performs better than short content.


Convert Long Articles to Videos

Some people may like the content of a certain niche or topic, but they may have a strong preference for content in a certain format. Video content has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Another way of promoting content is by making informed videos based on long engaging articles. Someone not motivated enough to read a 2000-word article on blockchain technology may be inclined to instead watch a video on the same topic. Tackling these different preferences of users is possible only if digital marketers produce content in different forms


Target Influencers with Content

For small brands and companies, it is difficult to pay influencers for their services in promoting a product. However, not all influencers ask for money to promote products and brands.

Many influencers can be brought on board if the content created by the brand is of top-quality. To bring top influencers onboard, digital marketers can create content which is likely to impress influencers and inspire them enough to promote the brand and become brand ambassadors.


In Conclusion

In conclusion, digital marketers should use the aforementioned tips to boost traffic to their website content. These techniques can be used across the board for any type of website or blog being promoted by digital marketers.



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