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4 Best Bungee Jumping Destination In India



Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the most exciting activities that take you to heights and for safety, you will be attached to a big elastic cord. The tall structure is a fixed object but it is possible to jump from a movable object such as hot-air balloon or helicopter.

When a person jumps, the cord extends and the jumper gets to the height and flies upwards as the cord attached pull back and resume to oscillate up and down until all the kinetic energy is dissolute.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best Bungee Jumping destination in India for Adventure lovers.


The stunning landscape of Rishikesh gives the best experience of Bungee Jumping as it is India’s only platform where jumps are operated from a professional cantilever to differentiate it from the joyrides in entertainment parks and create a pinnacle of fun and it convert your trip into an exciting adventure. It is specially designed by experts from New Zealand.

The Cantilever is made over a rocky cliff overlooking the river HALL a tributary of Ganga River. It is India’s highest jumping in Rishikesh with a height of 83 meters. It is open every day except Tuesday. The charges of Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh are INR 2550 per person.

Lonavala, Maharastra:

It is located on the outskirts of Pune. It is a beautiful place and perfect for Jumpin from Heights and it is very much available at Della adventure which is a park. You can hang in there for 7-10 minutes and jump in fun will take you to the height of 150ft. People above the age of 10 with a bodyweight of above 35kgs are allowed to enjoy the adventure. The price of one person is INR 2500. If you want to explore Maharastra choose the best train journey the Deccan Odyssey. It is Asia leading luxury train offer 6 Itinerary with different routes, you can check here the Deccan odyssey facilities and services.

Goa: Jumpin height is located near one of the most popular beaches in Goa which is Anjuna Beach. It has a height of 80ft and has been installed by a US-based company-sports tower. It is the lowest Bungee Jumping heights and the best place for a first try as it is priced at a reasonable rate. There is a charge per person INR 500.

Bangalore, Karnataka:  

it is one of the best destination places in India for Bungee Jumping. It is located at Ozone adventures in Bangalore. Ozone adventures take the responsibility to take you to a height of above 80ft above the ground. A 130ft high mobile crane is available in which whole equipment is fastened. There is no particular age group any person above 18 years can take up this adventure.

When you take jumping in Bangalore than be assure that your safety is most important for people at Ozone adventures. To enjoy this extreme ride you just need to pay INR 400.

Delhi, India:

Delhi being the capital of India should have such an amazing sport and now people enjoy this amazing ride in Delhi. Safety is the first priority where all the equipment arranged from Japan and training of staff is done in Germany so your life is secure hands. The price you have to pay is INR 1500.  Do you know luxury train journeys from Delhi is the best experience and unforgettable journey? So why wait for taking a luxury train and experience a memorable journey in your life.

Archana, A creative writer and blogger by profession. Loves to travel and likes to share travel experiences through writing blogs and articles.

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