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4 Fun Facts About Wooden Toys



4 Fun Facts About Wooden Toys

Wood is an extremely versatile material. Thanks to this, there is a huge diversity of wooden toys in the market. Therefore, many questions may arise when looking for the perfect product. In this section, we will answer some of the parents’ most frequently asked questions about wooden toys.


Why is the game recommended with wooden toys?

Although in this article we focus on young children, wooden toys bring numerous benefits to children of all ages. Its value lies precisely in its simplicity and versatility. No matter what product you choose, the game with wood will contribute to the development of your little one:

Awaken the imagination: The unique wooden toys can blow the imagination of the kids. What may seem to us as a simple rectangular block is much more than that in the eyes of a child? It can become a car, a character, even the first brick of a tall building.

They contribute to the development of fine motor skills: Because they are a bit denser and heavier than plastic toys, they stimulate their motor development differently. The game with wood, especially with blocks, allows you to explore concepts such as balance and gravity, and learn by comparing size, shape, and weight.

They encourage concentration: Many of the toys we show you represent tasks to complete: build a town with blocks, prepare a meal, and assemble a robot. This stimulates concentration and problem-solving ability. Your child will have fun for hours without the need for bright lights or strident sounds.


For what ages are wooden toys recommended?

Classic toys, such as building blocks, are usually oriented towards young children, from a few months of age to five years. However, thanks to the versatility of the material, you will find wooden toys for all ages. There are even for adults or for the whole family.

Are wooden toys friendly to the environment?

An attraction of wooden toys is that they are a more environmentally friendly option. They usually last a long time and can be passed from generation to generation. Since wood is an organic material, most wooden toys are usually biodegradable. In addition, many of these toys can be recycled.

Of course, it is required to cut down trees to produce them. However, many toys are made from recycled wood or wood scraps used to make other products. In addition, despite this, its total environmental impact remains less than that of mass-produced plastic toys.





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Are wooden toys fun?

Clear! The simplicity of these types of products can worry parents. Toys do not require bright lights or complicated mechanics to fascinate children. The striking colors and diversity of shapes can stimulate a child as much or more than the electronic functions of a plastic toy.

Younger children can entertain themselves for hours by building buildings or entire villages with a set of wooden blocks. With toys like our wooden food kit, they will spend great times preparing salads, roasts or desserts.


Are wooden toys safe?

Quality wood products are perfectly safe. As with any other toy intended for your children, it is important to take certain precautions. If the toy contains small parts, we recommend monitoring your child’s game. Children under three years old should not play with small pieces.

Upon receiving your product, try to check that all parts are well attached. Before buying it, we also recommend you verify that the paint is not toxic. Some paints used in cheap products may contain heavy metals such as lead. Fortunately, most established brands use water-based paint.


Purchase Criteria

Despite being simple, wooden toys bring many benefits to the development of your child. We want to help you find the ideal toy, with the potential to become the heart of your son or daughter’s toy box. To find entertaining and quality toys, you must take into account the following criteria:

Age of your son or daughter

As we mentioned in the previous section, there are wooden toys suitable for all ages. However, each age group has different needs. Colorful blocks stimulate babies and toddlers a lot. Children over 4 years of age require more complex toys and arouse their imagination.

Most wooden toys are created for young children. Preteens and teenagers tend to be less interested in toys and look for other more mature activities. Therefore, finding wooden toys for them is more difficult. Look for products that represent a challenge or that allow competitive family play.




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