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4 Senior Care Home Options – You Should Know



4 Senior Care Home Options - You Should Know

How much do you know about the senior care home? With one of the best living conditions in the world and some amazing healthcare services, Canada is one of the countries with the highest life expectancies. As such, there is a substantial rise in the senior population, which is supposed to quadruple by the year 2051. And hence, there are many businesses and organizations that have understood the demand of the market and have come up with an array of senior living options.

But finding the best out of the numerous options can be a very tedious and difficult task, especially when you are not aware of what is included in what. In this piece, we will briefly walk you through the various senior care home options at your disposal and what will be best for your seniors, to empower and equip you to make informed choices and decisions.

The Various Senior Living Options

Based on the kind of care and life your seniors need, you can choose the option that would suit your seniors in the best way. Let’s have a look at these options

1. Independent Living Communities

These living communities are specially designed for active and healthy seniors who can live their lives independently without having to depend on others for their daily activities such as personal care, grooming, and eating. These communities can be anything starting from luxury communities, offering gourmet cuisine, golf courses, condominium to restricted apartments. These communities provide paid services like housekeeping, meals, laundry, etc. along with certain optional services that are available on demand.

2. Assisted Living

This is a supportive housing system providing support and care to the seniors who need assistance with their daily tasks but who do not need skilled medical care. This care home is the best option for your seniors who are independent but just need some help in their day-to-day living or might need some assistance in the future.

These Assisted Living spaces come in all sizes and shapes. They can be housed in the towering buildings in the urban city centers or inside sprawling complexes or inside more private communities in the suburbs catering to relatively few residents, and you can find them in many Canadian cities. Residents live in private apartments with in house staff assisting them with all their day to day tasks. And your seniors get all types of facilities and recreational and other entertainment activities.



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3. Residential Homes for Seniors

These senior care homes are private homes that have been made to provide assisted senior care to comparatively less number of residents not exceeding 15 members. These senior care homes feel like home and provide both long-term and short-term care. These homes provide facilities such as daily meals cooked at homes, housekeeping, laundry, and other services such as medication management. There are recreation facilities and events arranged from time to time and activity centers to keep the seniors engaged, happy, and healthy.

4. Government Subsidized Supportive Housing Options

These schemes are also known as Supportive Housing and are the mildest type of assisted living often provided by the Government at subsidized rates. The tenants are required to pay a fixed portion as rent for these services, and they get access to all the assistance from in-house staff to assist them with their daily activities as and when needed. So while these housing systems are similar to assisted living, in supporting housing options, the residents need very moderate to light resistance may be only a few times in the week.


Now that you are aware of most of the options regarding senior care homes and services, you might want to search and look for the service that deems fit and looks best for your beloved seniors.

For when it comes to providing care for our seniors, we cannot settle for anything less.




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