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5 Basic Knowledge about Electric Water Heater



Electric Water Heater

Among the homeowners, the electric water heater is growing in popularity. People are now considering to move out from those bulky tank heaters as it is a great cost-saving and efficient as well.

When you will compare the tankless and tank-based water geyser, you can see that the first one has longer lifespan along with the lower operating cost. However, still many people are confused too about the purchase decision of the electric water heater.

Electric Water Heater

Here we will discuss 5 Basic Knowledge about Electric Water Heater:

Your Old Heater Is Becoming Less Efficient:

Most of the tank base water heater has a life span of 10 years on average. After 5 years, the efficiency of the heater starts to reduce. Many times the heating elements get clogged and give a poor performance while you need hot water. If you ask for the better maintenance, the professionals will recommend having yearly inspection of the heater, especially the warranty runs out. Check out whether issues like corrosion or leakage can damage the plumbing. In case, you want to consider that the maintenance of the traditional water heater has become very strenuous, then you need to switch to the instant heater.

Reduce the electricity bill:

As per a recent survey, it is the consumption for an electric water heater that holds 18% of the total electric bill of any household. It is always welcoming for every people the idea to reduce the monthly electric bill, especially in winter. The traditional tank-based water heater can store 15-30 liters of water that it needs to heat. It is quite obvious that it needs more electric power to fulfill its purpose. On the other hand, the instant heater will heat up the amount of water you need. As a result, it will reduce the electric bill.

Running Out Of Hot Water:

Do your water heater sufficiently heat the water? There may be many times you start to take a bath and the hot water runs out in the middle of the process. The amount of water any tank base heater can contain may not be sufficient in many cases. As a result, cold water starts to interrupt when you run out of hot water.

You Need Hot Water Throughout The day:

The tank base electric water heater is a great deal for a large family but in case you need to use the water throughout the day, then it is not a good option. In many households, the hot water is being used not only in bath but also in dish wash, laundry or any other appliances. However, in this scenario, the instant heater is the better choice. Whatever your lifestyle is, it can be ready for the hot water within a minute without making any hassles. Moreover, your electric bill will not be much affected by this.

Looking For Long Term Saving:

The price of the instant water heater is not only relatively cheap than the tank base electric water heater, but it also helps in long term savings. It will come with a longer warranty, cheaper electric bill, and reduced maintenance cost.


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