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5 Best Ways to Pet Your Persian Cat



5 Best Ways to Pet Your Persian Cat

The long hair Persian cat breeds are undoubtedly great to hold. These gorgeous breeds will certainly make you fall on your knees. You cannot help but stroking their long hair all the time. Their cute and fluffy looks make these breeds among the most demanding breeds. If you are someone who cannot resist these long-haired cats, a Persian cat can be a great choice for you to take home and enjoy times with these cute little paws.


Knowledge on fur change in cats

Do you know that cats change their fur as per the season to be able to take the extreme weather changes?

Being an owner who loves these long hairs certainly requires making extra work during autumn and spring. Since this is that time of the year when they change their fur, you need to make an extra effort. Persian cats are naturally provided with a coat but in winter when the sun gets its strength, it results in casting off their fur.

In winter, the fur is being replaced by summer coat which is much lighter and can prevent damage due to intense UV radiation and heat. Winter coats are thick as it helps in protecting against cold and wet temperature.

So whatever the season is, being an owner of these cuties, you certainly require paying more attention and take additional care. Whether it is summer or winter, long-haired cats will shed hairs and which calls the need for extra care.

Let’s check-in details how to take care of the adorable Persian cats.

Top 5 Best Tips to Take Care of the Long Haired Persian Cats:

Tip #1: Find out the reason for fur problems:

The silky long fur in Persian cats are undeniably adorable and makes it extremely hard to take care. But the chances are always there to get fur problems. If you are getting hairs all over your house, try to find the problem. Have you noticed any bald patches or the fur looks no longer shiny? If you have witnessed such issues, then you should try to know the reasons for it. Have a look at the following points describing the causes:


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Change in diet:

To maintain its natural look, you need to feed them with a balanced diet. If you are providing only with dry food it can cast a negative effect on their fur appearance.


One of the most common problems is due to fleas and mites that provoke cats to scratch. In some cases, cats scratch a lot and result in pulling clumps of their fur. This is the reason by frequent deworming should be done by the owners.

Vitamin deficiency

Sometimes due to vitamin deficiency, cats face problems with their fur. In such a scenario, it is advised to check with the vet. They might advise you to provide cat vitamins to get the positive effects.

Physical strains

In the case of pregnancy or fever or post-operation, due to physical strain, it might cause the cats to lose the fur.


Tip #2: Choose the right food:

Whatever you give inside will show up from your looks – the same goes for cats as well. Good food will always proffer amazing fur. As we all know that cats are carnivorous in nature and therefore it is crucial for the owners to offer them with proportionate diet.

The two-third ratio should be maintained. Cats’ digestive system is primarily fueled with meat and the protein it has. A nature quality diet will surely offer better and healthier fur.


Tip #3: Take regular care of the fur:

Since they have longer hair than many other breeds, you need to brush their fur regularly. If you miss brushing, then it will certainly become difficult from the next time and can result in fur loss while combing.

Therefore being a responsible owner, opt for regular brushing to cut the chances of fur loss or causing damage to the skin.


Tip #4: Bathe them when necessary:

Domestic cats do not love water and they prefer to stay away from water. Being an owner, you will know your pet the best when it comes to how much they will love to take a bath. Depending on that, you should keep the bathing frequency.

Whenever you choose to bath, opt for full body wash and make sure you use the cat shampoo. Do not use regularly except in times when it is necessary as if they touch any toxic product or they have diarrhea.

It is said to make it less frequent for cats as it might cause stress in cats. Besides, frequent bathing can result in different types of skin issues. You can use clean clothes with lukewarm water to clean them and also use these for cleaning their ears. Make sure the cloth does not have any type of fragrance or chemicals.


Tip #5: Use cat grooming products:

You should definitely pay attention while buying cat grooming products. You certainly cannot buy things that are not meant for cats, as it will result in hampering their appearance.

Just like us, cats have sensitive areas that need to be treated with powder or care foam. These are under armpit inside their legs, behind their ears and their bottom. Other than these, you can also find the defecting sprays for stubborn areas. Spray and dab before combing.

Other than these, oil treatment is also available for the long-haired cats.



  • Using plastic combs as it accumulates electric charge
  • Making loud noise as it irritates the cats

When it comes to taking care of the long-haired Persian cats, you should be more attentive. Since they are prone to tangling or itching due to infestation, you require taking extra care. Starting from their diet to combing to bathing, you need to take care of everything.

So if you are willing to adopt one of these cute little paws and but are not sure whether you will be able to maintain, hopefully, these tips will become helpful for you. To maintain their doll-like cute appearance, attention, and care is a must.


Author Bio:

Mummy Cat is a known breeder offering a Persian cat for sale in Bangalore. If you are willing to know more about the cat breeds or want to buy one, follow them, and get comprehensive knowledge.



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