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5 Driving Habits Hurting Your Car & Tires



Driving habit

Slipping into bad driving habits behind the wheel can cause considerable damage to your car. Unnecessary delay to top the fuel tank, riding he clutch and many other unacceptable behaviors can take their toll on the vehicle in times to come. To help you realize as to what’s bringing damage to your vehicle and the tires, here’re a few driving habits you might’ve been ignorant till now.



Driving Habit 1: Being Wild & Heavy-Footed on the Brakes


There’re times when you drive in a tensed situation which may result in making an emergency stop, apparently after applying sudden and heavy brakes. Just in case the delay and being hard is usual for you, know that it’ll only bring unnecessary damage to the car as sudden, hard braking strain the discs and pads quicker which eventually require frequent replacement. You can avoid the problem simply by driving smoother, in a calm and controlled manner and anticipate the road ahead to slow down gradually should there be a need.


Driving Habit 2: Driving on Low Fuel


Deliberately or unintentionally, if you’re driving on low fuel all too frequently, it’s harming your vehicle in more than one way. Low fuel means that whatever’s left at the bottom of the tank is burned to create mechanical energy in the car, and bottom of the tank’s where most of the contaminants are settled. In time, they can block the fuel filter that gets in the engine and causes potential damage to the car. Considering this, it’s wise to top up the fuel tank when needed is rather than playing idle and drag the car on an empty tank to the last mile.


Driving Habit 3: Into the Potholes & Speed Bumps


Heroically driving into the potholes or quick to take on the speed bumps is most unwise and would certainly bring significant damage to the car tires in Lebanon or any other place. In extreme cases, there’s a risk of buckled wheel and damage to the tires and exhaust port. 

Even if there isn’t any imminent damage, your carelessness behind the wheels when facing potholes and speed bumps would surely wear the suspension mechanism and eventually overall vehicle functions. This is the reason you should always slow down on the speed bumps and dodge the potholes rather than plunging in intentionally.


Clutch Riding


Most of the drivers ride the clutch only to feel guilty later. This is when you fail to take the foot off the clutch pedal on changing the gear. Doing this means the clutch release bearing is still in contact with its cover which causes friction thus wearing it quicker than usual. 

You can prevent this from happening by releasing the clutch pedal completely after changing the gear. And if you’re using the clutch instead of the handbrake to hold the car in position, it also causes the component to wear before its time (prematurely).


High Gear & Acceleration


When you wish to increase the speed, the first thing is pressing the accelerator but, if the car’s already running in high gear, acceleration would put unnecessary strain on the engine. It’s better bringing the gear to low and let the revs increase while you gain speed. Read more Entertainment stories here.

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