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5 Educational Blogs for Students to Enhance their Knowledge



5 Educational Blogs for Students to Enhance their Knowledge

With the advent of technology, educational blogs are free for everyone to use. Education is a primary requirement that defines any persona. There have been numerous mediums even presented in the current time that is used to create better and stronger diligence towards academics and knowledge. Students of the present era are bored by books and have zero understanding or interest in the ordinary textbook manner of teaching. That is the very reason they have been various modes to promote education such as digitalized mediums of academics that are eBooks, Educational Blogs, Virtual Teaching/Classrooms, etc.

Seen as the most influential and a medium that truly has been able to accomplish the target which is to enhance the knowledge of the student is through education blogs. Specifically in this post covering the details on the top 5 most education blogs that students should follow as they surely can contribute immensely in enhancing their knowledge. In an interview with few of the finest and most professional Wikipedia creators even they strongly agreed with the rankings that are provided below.

5 Educational Blogs for Students to Enhance their Knowledge

Here are the 5 extremely beneficial educational blogs that students should follow in order to boost their general knowledge:


Insider Higher Ed

An absolute tremendous source that is used by students who are perusing higher education. As Insider Higher Education is a truly informative medium that can be used by anyone who is seeking for content on subjects and teaching related to higher education. It is also seen to be an asset to those in search of jobs. Since Insider Higher Ed has various categories being covered on the website such as Books, Technologies, Admissions, Diversity and Career Advice/ Counseling. Extensive topics have been covered on the blog that ranges from various topics and subjects that have proven to be of assistance to their audience. Unlike other education blogs, they also offer a variety of webinars and researchers that are available on the Higher Ed Space.


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The Learning Network

The Learning Network is one of the primarily seen education blogs as it heavily endorses education with the utmost superior context as it is an umbrella by the “New York Times”. The motivation and quality of the content they present on their blog are also highly based on the type of audience that they are attaining in a huge amount on a daily bases. The audience they have been attaining on The Learning Network are students, parents, and teachers who are in seek of content such that they can consume as inspiration for their teachings or thesis. Teachers would be able to get the best assistance from the selection of “Text to Text”. The attraction of this education blog is that students who are 13years old or above are allowed to comment on stories in the selection of “Student Opinion”.



Edutopia is a defining education blog. As it is part of a prime association that lies with “The George Lucas Educational Foundation”. The blogs that are available on Edutopia are mainly comprised of k-12 educators and students. The whole ideology and focus of these blogs are to present influence and even higher engagement for the students. Such is done by producing content that contributes greatly to improvising and improving learning. Edutopia has been able to collaborate with numerous teachers, researchers, and curriculum experts that provide beneficial inputs and advancements in the field of project-based learning. One of their most recent and indulging topic/ subject is on “A Case Study: Teaching k-8 Financial Literacy”.


Classroom 2.0

The blog is an amazing education blog that promotes the newer and advanced manner of attaining education which is by hugely focusing and introducing web 2.0 and social media into the classrooms. Classroom 2.0 isn’t just a destination for content while also acting out as a social network for educators to communicate and learn of the modern integrated online strategies that they can use in their classrooms. They have group discussions that take place amongst the various school that reside on the platform and Classroom 2.0 also has several educational videos that can be used as inspirational content. With a potential strength of residing users that are approximately 78k members that are from 199 countries around the globe.



Edudemic is also an educational blog that is based on technologies of education space. The blog is fully loaded with tactful suggestions and advice that is in regard to how to influence tech into the classrooms in the most effective manner. Edudemic comprises a teacher’s guide on technology, learning, and even productive reviews on the best tablets, laptops, and apps that can be used by teachers to make their class interesting for their students. It also is known to provide the best features on the practice that will make online learning impactful for the students.



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