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5 Enchanting Places in Bangkok Pattaya



Bangkok Pattaya

Situated around 150 kilometers from each, Bangkok Pattaya are the most beautiful cities on this planet that every traveler would love to visit once in their whole life. Both cities are known for their nightlife, beautiful beaches, exciting shopping experiences, and beautiful monasteries that will make you fall in love with these cities. Both of these cities are also famous for their unique cultures and picturesque natural beauty that attracts thousands of avid travelers from all over the world.

I also have been on a Bangkok and Pattaya trip last year with this amazing Bangkok Pattaya Package and enjoyed every single moment of this trip. Today I am sharing some enchanting Bangkok Pattaya attractions that you should not miss while doing your Bangkok Pattaya Tour.


5 Enchanting Places in Bangkok Pattaya

1. Bangkok Pattaya Nightlife.

Bangkok Pattaya trip

As I have mentioned above, both of these cities are famous for their exciting and glittering nightlife, every street of these cities never sleeps and showcase to the playful lifestyle. Some of the popular places to enjoy the notorious nightlife in Bangkok and Pattaya are Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong, and Walking Street. Soi Cowboy is a famous place in Bangkok that is known for its numerous bars and casinos, Patpong and the walking street is filled with various cultural performances, bars, and night markets.

2. Beaches in Bangkok Pattaya

Bangkok Pattaya tour

If you are expecting beautiful shorelines on your trip then Bangkok Pattaya tour package is one of the best options for you. Bangkok and Pattaya have some inconceivably spotless and wonderful beaches that stay swarmed with travelers from everywhere throughout the world and consistently. Experience stunning water sports alongside freshness and quietness of these shorelines. The most famous beaches to visit are Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach.

Jomtien beach is for quite some time extended shoreline with astonishing and characteristic greenery. The grand perspective on trees extended up the inverse vast ocean is quieting to each eye. The shoreline is flawless to appreciate water sports, bars, parlors, cafés with numerous interesting activities to do. Pattaya Beach is well known for parasailing action. Appreciate the delightful Thai cuisine at the café opened at the narrows.

3. Monasteries in Bangkok Pattaya

Bangkok Pattaya

Both Bangkok and Pattaya have lovely and antiquated monasteries helping the rich profound culture to remember generally famous land. You will be shocked by the inward harmony you experience in the wake of visiting these gigantic however quiet old religious monasteries. Wat Arun Ratchawararam, Golden Buddha, Temple of the Emerald Buddha are on the landscapes of the Grand Palace, these awesome places of worship are popular for various types of statues in various positions. The leaning back emerald Buddha Temple of the Emerald Buddha, famous, lavishly tiled symbol of Budha at Wat Arun Ratchawararam sanctuary close to the waterway, and the enormous brilliant statue of Buddha and his figure at brilliant Budha sanctuary are some fascination not to be missed in your Bangkok Pattaya tour package.

4. Shopping in Bangkok Pattaya.

Bangkok Pattaya

Bangkok Pattaya has a few shopping bazaars to enjoy each shopaholic in the indulgence of burning through cash on the in rich clothing types at modest costs. Some of the best places for shopping on your Bangkok Pattaya tour include MBK Center, Union Mall, Mimosa, Platinum Fashion Mall, Pantip Plaza, Siam Square, Victory Monument Market, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Pantip Plaza, Pratunam Market, Central World, and many more.

5. More Adorable.

Bangkok Pattaya

There are many other attractions such as museums, beautiful parks, monuments, and much more that will leave crazy on your Bangkok Pattaya tour. All these famous parks and monuments are loaded with the latest technologies that will make your Bangkok Pattaya tour memorable.

Some of the other famous attractions to see in Bangkok and Pattaya includes Lumpini Park, Art in Paradise, Pattaya Floating Market, Siam Park City, Bangkok National Museum, Cartoon Network Amazon, Safari World, Mini Siam, Siam Niramit Theatre, Tussauds Museum Bangkok, and much more. 

So these are some of the most popular attractions that you will get to see in your Bangkok Pattaya tour package. However, Bangkok and Pattaya were considered as the ideal destinations for bachelors and youngsters but nowadays as the time has changed, Bangkok and Pattaya holidays can be enjoyed by every type of traveler whether they are families, solo travelers, a group of friends, or senior citizens. So if you also considering a trip to Bangkok and Pattaya then don’t miss to enjoy the above-mentioned attractions that offer you a bunch of interesting activities to make your Bangkok Pattaya tour memorable.


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