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5 Free iOS Gaming Apps You Must Try



Free iOS Gaming Apps

Are you fun of using Free iOS Gaming Apps for leisure? Or do you write or read or do something productive? Or use your phone to improve yourself with educational smart study apps I at times getting into this trouble that I end up playing games on my phone all the while that I am free. Call it addition or a time-killing activity but surely this is a great idea to pass your time. But surely finding a good game to play is a challenge that people like me often have and thus with all experience of playing these games. Here is the list of 5 Free iOS gaming apps that are worth your time.


5 Free iOS Gaming Apps You Must Try

  • PubG Mobile

One of the Free iOS Gaming Apps is PubG. PubG is one of the most trending games in the world currently. A game that is currently in the charts of most downloaded games is really worth playing. This is a game where 100 players get to a battleground and have to fight with each other. The team that survives is announced to be the winner. Some of the mobile app developers in Texas have already declared that is one of the applications that has been hit by most users. This means that all the existing iOS users have once downloaded this game.

  • Asphalt 9

Asphalt is not a new game and we have seen multiple versions of this game already. But this new version of the game is really interesting with the new features. You will spend hours and hours on it and won’t even realize that. Better graphics, amazing cars and everything in between is just perfect for someone who loves to play car racing games. This game can actually make your connectivity with the reality to become very low once you start playing it.

  • Call of Duty

What you have played on the computer could now be played with the smartphone that you have. Call of duty is a game that needs no introduction and possibly all the gamers know what it is. This game again is from action genre and it has some amazing action mission that you need to get done. Guns and bullets and bombs and soldiers are what you will get in this game all around.

  • Candy Crush

Well, all of the games mentioned above have been hardcore games purely about action but this one that I am going to mention is a game that anyone can play from kids to even the elders. Candy crush got famous in the late 2000s but it is famous till yet and not only it is free but it is one of the games that can really be interesting and possibly you will get the urge to reach hundreds of levels in just a day.

  • WGT: World Golf Tour

This game is perfect for golf lovers. If you are one then the first thing that you need to after reading this blog is to go to app store type WGT and download it without a second thought. This could be the best thing you can ever do to. This game has the perfect scenarios for playing golf and could be the best for people who love it. This game is just perfect to make have a go at golf through digital mediums. Like every other app this application is free which means that you have to pay no price for enjoying this game.


When I was told to write a blog about the 5 free games that could be played on iOS I thought it would be easy but when I started searching about it I got confused about what to include and what to leave behind because honestly there are hundreds of games that are free, available on iOS and are worth playing thus just choosing five was a hectic task. But then I started to pick out games that were really amazing and then I got to this list.



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