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5 Habits of Stylish Women That Help Them Look Incredible



5 Habits of Stylish Women That Help Them Look Incredible

Do you find it hard to pinpoint what exactly makes a woman look flawlessly stylish women? Most people find it difficult! The best answer is that they are creative about their clothing and accessories. They know how to bring out the best out of everything and how to do more with less. And most importantly, they carry themselves really well!

The truth is that stylish women follow no universal codes or trends to dress up according to. It’s not like they are spending hours catching up with the latest trends or are obsessed with fashion shows. They are just normal women who just have a better aesthetic sense. They would look up trending formal trousers for women or blazers online, just like anyone else. And spend time checking out in fashion mags the looks created by celebs and fashionistas. Again, just like everyone else.

So, what makes them different and noticeably stylish? A few interesting habits and their ability to foresee whether an outfit would look great on them before investing in it! But, there’s more to it. Let’s know what else sets the bar for being trendy and fashionable!

Top 5 Common Habits of Stylish Women

They Know Their Body Shape & What Suits Them

Stylish women are self-aware. They know exactly what types of outfits, accessories, even hairdos suit them more than others. They know how to pull off a flawless look taking advantage of the things, which suit them the most. They think of working with their body type when they are deciding outfit options.

Knowing your body shape and considering options, which flatter always helps in narrowing down the right outfit options. This strategy helps whether you are shopping for new pieces or your closet. For instance, if you have an hourglass body type, you can always rely on petite dresses.


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They Let their OCD Kick In

When you have a limited time to look your best every morning, you can only do it if you have an organized closet! Stacking the same type of dresses together helps in better organization. You can decide and compare better when similar outfit types are hung together. Also, invest time in sorting out your shoes. Keep heels together and trainers together. Keep casual wear separate from the formal wear. The same goes for handbags. Keep big ones separate from the currently trending miniature ones.

If you have a messy closet, it’s highly likely to even forget about certain pieces and dresses you own. Have a good tidy up. It’s always great to donate stuff that doesn’t fit or flatter anymore.

Good organization will help you save time. You can organize as you find it convenient. Whether it is according to colour or type, investing time in it will pay off!

Aren’t into much Matching

You don’t need to be too matchy-matchy. Being dressed in the same colour head-to-toe is never a great idea. Or, to match your handbag and shoes will make you look dull and monotonous. You need to experiment with contrast to spark up your look. Again, you don’t need to get into too much contrast too. Stick to the middle ground. And put together outfits and accessories in an effortless and catchy way.

Always Plan Their Outfits Ahead

Are your morning hurried? Do you snatch the first thing you see in your wardrobe that doesn’t need ironing and put it on? This means you are only wearing a small percentage of all that you own. Well, that’s not what stylish women do!

You shouldn’t keep on repeating the same outfits again and again. Develop a habit of planning your outfits ahead and don’t let lethargy kick in. by investing some time in planning your outfits, you will be able to be more creative with mixing and matching various pieces.

The best practice would be setting your outfit out a night before. You can always think of how to perk it up whilst doing some stretching exercises or over a cup of coffee. You will feel so much better when you are able to create a new look with the same outfit that you owned for a couple of years.

Believe in “Less is more”

Stylish women are into building up a capsule wardrobe. Some even build up several capsule wardrobes according to various seasons. They believe in investing in quality instead of quantity. And then, they would pull off various looks with those few high-end things they have invested in. For instance, they would wear ladies stole in at least five different ways with five different outfits. And they will pull it off so effortlessly and stylishly that you will think it’s probably a new one!



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