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5 Hair Removal Options you need to consider



5 Hair Removal Options you need to consider

Body hair removal can be a regular thing especially for all the women and ladies out there. Even men prefer to shave or at least trim their facial and body hair these days. There are different methods to remove unwanted hair from the body parts and waxing, threading, shaving, tweezing, etc. are some of the commonly used techniques. Today we will see some of the most popular options for removing unwanted body hair. Some of these methods are quite painless while some can be quite painful as well.

Let’s see these hair removal options one-by-one:


Waxing can be done at home or salon as per your preference. Usually, cold or hot wax is applied on the hair patches and then the solution is left to mingle with your hair for a while. After a while, wax strips are pasted nicely on these patches and then someone needs to pull them with a brute force to remove all the hair in one go. A soothing cream can be applied to reduce pain afterward.

It is a painful technique and sometimes it can damage the skin especially if you have any skin issue or disease. Moreover, hot wax can burn your skin and that can be equally painful. Despite these issues, waxing remains one of the most popular hair removing options because of its effectiveness in cleaning body hair.


In this method, a depilatory cream is applied on the hair part such as legs or arms. After some time, the loose hair follicles can be removed by either washing or by using a towel. It is a painless method to remove unwanted hair but sometimes the depilatories can cause a burning sensation or skin irritation. Therefore, men and women who have sensitive skin can experiment on a small patch of hair first to see if there is any intolerable irritation or burning sensation.

Moreover, there are different depilatory creams for facial hair, body hair, and pubic hairs. Therefore, you must read the instructions and labels nicely before purchasing them.


Tweezing or plucking can be a painful technique but you might use it if you have to pull out only a few hair strands. It is also used to shape eyebrows and to remove facial hair.

Firstly, you must have tweezers that can grip and remove hair easily. You can also make the hair patch lose by washing it with shampoo or by simply washing it with hot water. This opens up the pores where the hair follicles are rooted and therefore, the hair comes out easily with a tweezer. You will feel the pinching pain and mostly you will have to pluck out one hair at a time. Therefore, this method is not preferable for large and dense hair patches.

Laser treatment

The laser hair removing treatment is usually preferred by women who wish to remove their body hair permanently. It is also less painful as compared to threading and waxing. In this method, a laser beam is focussed on the hair follicles to weaken them up. After a couple of sessions, the hair follicles are destroyed completely and you get a clean hairless skin. This is generally an expensive option and can sometimes be painful as well. As a result, it must always be done by an expert or highly trained professional.


Electrolysis is another hair removing method in which a needle is inserted in the hair follicle and an electric current is passed through it. It is done in two ways viz. heat and chemical treatment. You will have a painful sensation that can be compared to the pricking of a needle in your skin but it is effective and can be used to remove hair from any body part.


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