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5 Luxury Accommodation for Unwinding Escaped



5 Luxury Accommodation for Unwinding Escaped

Once in a while, your whole body, mind, and soul need unwinding. Every day is filled with stressful thoughts, burdensome responsibilities and many more things that drain out the energy and glee from you. Darling, you deserve a fresh escape from all of them. Go on a trip, travel and ease off. 

There are numerous places you can visit with your family and loved ones, but if you need time to recollect yourself, you can go alone. A luxury accommodation with outdoor swimming is one of the best choices. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone because you can rest and have fun while you are not just entirely enclosed in a room or in a house. 

Since it’s not all the time that you get to treat yourself to a luxury accommodation staycation or vacation, don’t hesitate to get the best because it’s what you deserve. 

Some lodging has indoor swimming, but outdoors offer a different kind of world. It would be nice to check in somewhere with that feature. To help you plan and decide, below is a list of 5 luxury accommodation styles that come with outdoor swimming. They are great recommendations, so when you pick yours, you’ll have these examples as your top characteristic considerations. Check them out!

1. Garden Jacuzzi

5 Luxury Accommodation for Unwinding Escaped

Not totally a swimming pool, but many travel miles to experience a refreshing garden jacuzzi in the middle of a forest. You can get a tub bath inside the hotel, but this one’s a whole different thing. 

The inspiration above is the Garden Spa Jacuzzi of Kims Beachside Retreat. Surrounded by different kinds of woods left, right, back, front, beneath and even above, this jacuzzi is made with wooden hexagon borders to outline and support itself. It’s setting is perfect since the sun rays do not harshly and completely hit the tub although light passes through. It’s for you, especially if you’re not best friends with the sun. The trees definitely help in providing shade. Its location in the middle of the forest is rejuvenating.

If you will choose this kind of luxury accommodation with an outdoor bath, it will be conveniently more private for you than having an open area. Such is an ideal choice if you want a peaceful and solo relaxing time. There’s no need to worry since the room is just beside, so when you need anything, you can just go in without hassle, or call someone to hand you what you need. 


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You should also consider the floor you want to have. For this style, there is a wooden floor, so even if you go barefoot to and from the jacuzzi, there’s nothing you have to worry about. If you hate your feet stepping on soil, this one has to be in your priority options!

The space around the pool or jacuzzi is important as well. For this example, there are few huge pots of plants besides. Although it’s a garden, it’s not bombarded with plants beside the bathing area. If you prefer spacious but intimate places, without much stuff going around, something like this garden jacuzzi style is what you need. 

2. By The Sea

5 Luxury Accommodation for Unwinding Escaped

Although swimming pools by the sea are quite common nowadays, they never fail to excite and surprise! That’s because a nice, clean pool set beside the clear, blue sea is definitely astonishing even by just seeing a photo of it!

The inspiration above is a perfect example of an outdoor pool by the sea. The sea is literally just beside and below the pool, and if the pool had a lighter color, they would most likely look like one. 

This style is just so magical that your heart will get intensely captivated by the wonderful creation you can see. What’s more, you don’t just witness, you also experience. With the calming sea breeze and the beautiful sunset or sunrise view, nothing can compare to it. That’s another boon for this style — you get to be in a spot everybody else is wanting to be in, to catch a glimpse of the sun’s rising and going down. 

In this kind of outdoor pool in luxury accommodation, you have a choice between the swimming pool or the sea. You can take one after the other. Actually, you don’t need anything else grand since the simplicity of the pool, the vastness of the sea and the magnificence of the open area filled with unbelievable creation are so perfect to be combined all together!

3. Hidden Within

5 Luxury Accommodation for Unwinding Escaped

If the outdoor bath is right outside the accommodation you’re staying in, zero hassle there is for all your things will be just within reach. You have it in privacy as it is hidden beside or behind. 

The light comes from the accommodation itself, so even if it gets a bit dark outside, still, it’s lit. This style somehow gives the camping vibe. It looks and feels like home, giving you a youthful take on your staycation. Tall trees are around. Birds chirp. You hear the crickets make sounds in the dark of night. Calmness is at its best. Have fun in your own way as you play and splash in the pool without disturbing anyone. This kind of hide pool is hidden just as you need.

Such styles are perfect for a family outing and group travel with your friends. Space is big inside and out. You can celebrate special moments together without the noise of the congested and polluted city.

4. Up On The Mountains

5 Luxury Accommodation for Unwinding Escaped

It’s up there in the mountains where swimming is taken to another level. Well, you can take that literally as mountain tops and ridges are excellent spots to dip and dive not just into the waters but also in love with the majestic mountainous surroundings! 

This style of luxury accommodation outdoor bathing offers a wonderful chance for self-reflection, healing, and soul searching! Staring at the limitless skies, the glorious beauty of the mountains and the views you won’t trade for anything, everything’s like a dream you don’t want to wake up from.

Nature is always a gift, and this outdoor pool style is like one way of opening it and appreciating it so much. An infinity pool on the mountain like this in Phu Chaisai Resort should absolutely include in your travel bucket list! 

5. Treehouse

5 Luxury Accommodation for Unwinding Escaped

If you’re up to something extraordinary, thrilling and adventurous, this style must be your type! 

The inspiration above is a luxury accommodation in a treehouse setting! What makes it even more interesting and astounding is the pool attached in front of it. Yes, it’s like a treetop pool, so the support resembles that of a treehouse. There’s nothing to worry about though since it’s not literally put merely on top of a tree. Nobody would pay and swim here to threaten his/her own life.

It’s stupendous how the pool is just out there in the open; no other items are around, just the pool and the trees’ greenness. This style is very stunning and sophisticated, especially if you see it from this view of a photograph. It is surely Instagram-worthy, your friends will wow and wonder where you are! 

You just have to be extra careful if you are booking such accommodation with a pool. Of course, safety risks are involved. If kids are coming with you, this might not be the best choice. However, if the treetop pool in an accommodation you chose is confined and not too exposed like this, it could be better with naughty little kids and careless adults.

Swimming in the morning might be cold and at the same time revitalizing because the trees make the wind breeze lovelier, healthier and fresher! You will just wake up to a place you’ve never imagined you can be in!



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other.  Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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