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5 Places you must Visit if you are new in Manchester



5 Places you must Visit if you are new in Manchester

Manchester is a gorgeous city that has a lot of incredible things to offer. The city is evolving with time and it is becoming more vibrant and exciting. Going to Manchester offers a great chance to have an excellent experience. You can always find something that you are interested in.

If you are new in Manchester then you need to do some research so that you know about the places that are worth visiting in the city.

Here are some great places that should be on your list so that you can enjoy what the city has to offer.

Manchester Arndale:

Manchester Arndale is present in the center of Manchester city. It is a great place to visit because it has an extensive range of department stores and high street brands. If you are looking for a great shopping experience then it is a place that they should go to.

The northern quarter:

Manchester is an incredible city and it has great food to offer. It is nice to have a list of good takeaway places near you but you are not going to just have every meal at home. To try some exciting cuisine you should pay a visit to the Northern Quarter. It has incredible and colorful streets because it is designed with art. The art adds uniqueness and a lot of personality to the place. The place brings life to the food scene in Manchester city.

The Northern Quarter has great cafes and bars that allow you to enjoy drinks with friends and have a great time. There are versatile restaurants lining the streets as well. By exploring the place you can find great food places and have enjoyed great meals.

Manchester Arena:

It is the biggest indoor arena in the world and some of the world’s biggest names perform there. If you are interested in music and going to concerts then you should keep up with the schedule of the Manchester Arena so that you will know if your favorite artist is playing there. You should not miss the opportunity to watch your favorite artist at the Manchester Arena because it will a memorable experience.

Manchester Art gallery:

People interested in art should add the Manchester Art Gallery to the list of the places that you visit. The Manchester Art Gallery showcases world-class art which offers you the opportunity to enjoy some great art. The gallery offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in art and have a great experience. It is an excellent place for kids as well.

National football museum:

If you are a football then you should not miss an opportunity to go to the National Football Museum. The stadium is located next to the Corn Exchange. It has great facts and interesting things for football fans to see and enjoy. It has something interesting to offer every single aspect of the game. It is the perfect place for football enthusiasts.

These are some great places that you should go to when you are new to Manchester City. It will offer you an opportunity to get to know the city.

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