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5 Must Visit Places When Studying in Australia



5 Must Visit Places When Studying in Australia

Australia is one of the best places to get a formal education. Aussies not only have some of the best universities in the world, but their country is also filled with amazing things you can see and do while you study abroad. But where do you start in a country that stretches over 7 million km2? Here are the places you must visit

Melbourne and its art scene

Melbourne is the cultural center of Australia. This city is very trendy and filled with young people searching for excitement. It has so much to offer to everyone who’s exploring Australia, and it’s also a bit cheaper for those travelling on a budget. Some city tours and museums are completely free, so you can save up some money for your studies. Melbourne is also a place to be when it comes to the food scene, so if you’re a foodie in the making, you’ll love it there! The best restaurants, bars and food trucks usually need to be dug out and appear in weird places (dingy alleys and rooftops) but that’s what makes Melbourne so charming and exciting. 

Sydney and its nightlife

Sure, you’re visiting Australia to study, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and party like a beast while you’re there. So, if you’re a real party animal, Sydney is a place for you. Thanks to its size, there’s always something fun happening, especially in Surrey Hills with its hipster crowd and The Rocks with its modern crowd. However, the size of the city also has its disadvantages—getting good accommodation is a must. So, if you looking for a nice hotel on any budget, you can always book accommodation in Maroubra and enjoy your Sydney experience in style. Maroubra is just around 24 minutes drive from Sydney’s CBD, so you’ll have no worries with enjoying the city to the fullest.

Cairns and its Great Barrier Reef

All countries have their star attraction and Australia has the Great Barrier Reef. This huge coral reef system is the biggest in the world and is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. With that in mind, it’s truly a must-see location when you’re studying in Australia. Start your adventure from Cairns and from there, you can go on all sorts of activities like snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and rafting. If you dive below the surface, expect to see all sorts of giant clams, colourful and playful fish and precious corals. When trying to explain this experience to others, divers usually find that it’s impossible. It’s just one of those things you have to experience yourself in order to understand! 

Byron Bay and its chill beach lifestyle

Byron Bay is an amazing little town located in NSW and it’s perfect for vacationing from your studies. The town has that recognizable Aussie beach vibe where everything is happening without any hustle and bustle. The site is beloved by tourists, but it’s not crowded at all. If you love to chill, enjoy the beach and meet likeminded people, you’ll feel right at home at Byron Bay. There are many great bars and the student gets together spots, so you’ll have no worries about finding a perfect place to party and experience Byron Bay’s nightlife. It’s also a perfect place for all those looking to learn to surf because the beaches are perfect for beginners. And when in Australia, do what Australians do and hop on that board!

The Great Ocean Road and its 12 Apostles

Built almost 100 years ago, this road is still one of the best road trip destinations in the world. The Great Ocean Road is stretching just a little less than 250 kilometers along the southeastern coast of Australia and if you have a few hours to spend on the coastline, rent a vehicle and get riding. The Great Ocean Road makes for a great day trip when you have a day off from your studies but don’t want to spend it sleeping and watching Netflix. On your way, you can enjoy large cliffs towering over you on one side and the wild ocean slamming against the rocks below on the other side—it’s really exciting. Your highlight will definitely be the sight of the Twelve Apostles. This famous rock formation is rising from the ocean proud and stoic. However, the rocks are eroding away, so you better hurry to see them while they still defy gravity! 

In addition to some valuable education, you’ll get so much more during your stay in Australia. This country is known for its natural beauty and wonderful landmarks, but it’s the people that make it truly special; the incredible variety of backgrounds and interests can be found in few other places in the world. And since they’re, as a rule, also very friendly, so you can expect to meet some friends for life!
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