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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Split



5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Split

Does the name Split ring a bell? You know, Croatia’s second-largest city, which is one of the hottest vacation spots at the moment that everybody can’t get enough of? If Split is just a name to you, here are five reasons why this old town is stealing spotlights across the world:


5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Split

1. The rustic lure of Diocletian’s Palace and the Old Town

A step into Split’s meticulous early century cityscape will have you thinking you landed right in medieval times. The masonry of old dominates every sight as far as the eye can see, presenting a well-preserved maze of orange-lit roofs, pebbled streets and walkways, and antique gas lights, culminating in the elegant and extremely nostalgic Diocletian’s Palace; a 4th-century emperor’s residence built over a decade! The town holds so much cultural value that it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site five years ago!


5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Split

2. Famous cathedrals

You might also mistake Split for Rome if you walk past 7th -century churches such as the St.Domnius Cathedral, which holds not only impressive architecture but also fascinating history as well. It is thought by many to be the oldest of its kind in the world, with the tower offering tales stretching back millennia. The story goes that the church was named after Domnius, who, legend has it, set out to spread the gospel in Dalmatia after inspiration from the famous Saint Peter. Diocletian, the malicious emperor with a hatred for Christians, wanted him dead for his efforts, and fortunately, he wasn’t successful. The catholic faith is undoubtedly strong in Split, and more evidence of that comes in the way of the St. Nicklas, and St Dominic Church, among a couple of others.


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3. Glorious views of a blue coastal town

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a view atop nature-laden Marjan Hill will have you truly lost for words. From here, a mix of white and terracotta city houses stands vivid against the lovely cyan sea, which offers the perfect visual dessert to a town with fragrances of imposing beauty. There many other breathtaking places such as this around Split; the famous Klis Fortress also comes to mind having played panoramic roles in TV productions, ensuring no shortage of Mother Nature’s most prized possession.


5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Split

4. Split is perfectly poised for island hopping

Are you a sailor who fancies spending time in the water and traversing beautiful islands? If so, you should feel right at home in this mesmerizing coastal town. It is the perfect place to take up a yacht charter Split, given that it’s the gateway to lovely landmasses like Brac, Vis and Hvar. You can have lunch at a picturesque seaside restaurant in Split in the morning and explore the feudal walls of Hvar in the afternoon. The Adriatic is your oyster!


5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Split

5. The town has the best beaches

You don’t need to look beyond Split to enjoy the warm and sandy embrace of a simmering beach, as you can find just that in plenty within city limits. You can choose to bask in quiet Ovčice, play some picigin at Bačvice, or relax in the family-friendly Bene Beach north of Marjan. Sandy shores come in enormous supply in Split! Why it’s the perfect time to make that Split trip Its present winter in Croatia, which affords certain privileges on visiting during this time of year. For one, you won’t quite literally rub shoulders with hordes of humanity bustling for the attention of wondrous attractions and, secondly, you’ll pay considerably less compared to the high season. Additionally, the onset of snow means winter festivals involving famous Croatian artists like Pshihomodo Pop and Severina, not forgetting a unique cold-season menu and advent celebrations!




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