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5 Romantic Flowers That You Can Give as a Gift



5 Romantic Flowers That You Can Give as a Gift

Flowers are known to speak up the message without the unspoken language. They are the best and romantic gifts that showcase desire, emotions, and sentiments. Therefore flowers are very important for every occasion and celebration.  From the centuries, the flower has been professed for love to the partner. The popularity of the flower has made a custom to confess the emotions to the person you love. This ritual has become more famous with online flower delivery. This service is offered by various online gifting portal that delivers flowers and other gifting items in Hyderabad other cities.

When flower is added to any place, they increase the beauty and mix the air with their enchanting fume. Flowers can be added to any place and can be gifted for any occasion. So, if you have been crushing on him or her for an extended period of searching for the best gift. The next time you should go with flowers or with a flower bouquet to show your love. Hence read the following ideas.

Here are the Five Romantic Flowers That You Can Give as a Gift


It is also known as Dianthus, which is believed to be more than 2000-year-old. The carnation flowers are explained as the gentle and glorious whose scientific name is Dianthus Caryophyllus, which means heavenly flowers or the love flowers. Today different meaning is associated with these flowers. And this is due to their array of colors available. Carnation is a flower that can be designed in a different arrangement, which makes it the best flower during every occasion of the year. Here are some of the color of the carnation and their associated meaning that will help to purchase the ideal carnation.


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Gerbera is another loved flower which is the perfect gift to start a romantic story. They are admired due to their uncommon beauty and immense pleasure. Gerbera is believed to be native from South Africa and is the most popular among a different range of flowers. They offer an attractive appearance, which makes them an ideal choice as a gift. The physical appearance is identical to the sunflower, which comes in bright yellow, shiny pink, and snow-white color. If any florist has its shop nearby, then you can go for this flower.


As light is a synonym to the sun, likewise, a rose is a synonym to Valentine. This flower can communicate the emotion of love without uttering a word. The reason why the rose is associated with love is found in greek mythology. Rose has a connection with Aphrodite, who is the goddess of love. During Valentine’s week,  roses are in high demand, and the same goes for its price. It will be the safest gift that can be imagined, which is prevalent as a symbol of love.


Lilies have various varieties that are found all around the world. They are a beautiful and exciting flower that means purity and beauty depending on the color or the type of flowers. Various meanings can be conveyed through them. A white lily signifies a new beginning, and orange signifies passion. An interesting fact about this flower other than gifting or home decor is that its oil has healing properties. Lily oil is extracted for use for massage and facial moisturizer. Because of their beautiful appearance and variety of color and type, they are the best flowers to give.


It is one of the romantic flowers that can be given to someone special. The depth of your feelings can ideally be conveyed through its  bright color. They are unique and are available in different shades. So, if you love someone deeply, then these exotic flowers are perfect to buy.

So if you are running out of ideas for the best gifts, then you can go for these ideas mentioned above. Speak your emotions to your dear ones with the language of flowers.



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