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5 SEO Audit to Find Your SEO Mistakes & Opportunities



5 SEO Audit to Find Your SEO Mistakes & Opportunities

If you are struggling to work on your Search Rankings, this 5 SEO Audit to Find Your SEO Mistakes & Opportunities will help you do the job. As a start-up or newbie in the industry, let’s say that you have eagerly set up your website properly and you have also implemented all the proper steps and techniques of the latest SEO steps on your website. However, even after doing so, there has been no significant improvement in the rankings of the websites even with time. As a matter of fact, this is a very common condition faced by most of the website owners across the globe. This happens as the latest techniques for auditing are not implemented which can test the implemented SEO tactics.

Here comes the importance of a free SEO audit into foreplay because it is necessary for the assessment of a website’s condition to avoid SEO Mistakes. Even after hiring an agency for digital marketing purposes, the results may not be satisfactory. Hence, the knowledge of the steps that can optimize the website for the promotion of organic searches and grab the headlines is necessary for the website owners.

Given below are five steps for finding out the common SEO mistakes committed and enhancing the opportunity to make the website better and thus increase the rankings.

SEO Mistakes

5 SEO Audit to Find Your SEO Mistakes & Opportunities

Identifying the External Link sources

It is very much important to find out the source of the external links which are pointing directly to your site. It should be checked whether the websites are actually relevant for the niche or are just spam links generated from completely unrelated sites.

After you have noticed the spam links that are directing to your website, you should make all the irrelevant links disavowed. The links of the spam sites, when retained for long can also cause a penalty. You should instead try to have backlinks from different established domains, which can increase the rankings of your website.

Checking the Responsiveness of the Site

A website that has a good theme and looks beautiful is not enough today. You have to check for the site responsiveness as a must. It should be checked for when you are trying mobile access to your site for its proper working.

Before launching the services of a website, the site responsiveness should be checked without any fail. In case if the site turns out to be unresponsive, people will not be able to access it properly. Hence, you may lose a lot of potential clients, even without realizing it.

Checking of Content Posting

It is also important to regularly add content to your website. With more content, the chances of getting featured in the various result pages of the search engines increases. With thin content, site visibility will slowly decrease. It is recommended to post content which has at least 300 words in it. The more information, the greater is the chance of increasing the visibility and improvement of rankings. Tools for free SEO audit are available to check this.

Identification and Removal of Duplicate Posts

  • To identify the duplicate posts more easily, you can try-

  • SEO tools

  • Online duplicate checkers

  • Plagiarism checking software

  • Copyscape Premium Software

  • Turnitin

A lot of SEO tools provide this service. If someone else has copied content from your website, you can charge them with the penalty for duplicating. In the case that someone else’s content has been copied by you, you should immediately remove it and rewrite it. Otherwise, you are liable to pay the penalty to the source as well. Try free SEO audit services to identify duplicate contents.

Identifying the Areas where the Optimization of Keyboard is Mandatory

It is also very much important that the on-page keyboards get optimized on online publication. If you skip the optimization of the keyboards in the sites, then relevant searches may not provide access to your website. Therefore, the latest strategies for keyboard optimization should be applied to the websites in order to get as much output as possible.

All of these are proven ways to properly implement SEO. If ignored, these can cause serious consequences, and you may miss out important leads and opportunities. Your website rankings will go down as well. Visit to get a free SEO audit and check the SEO standards of your website. You will get a comprehensive health report of the site, and the findings will be of great help in the long run of the business.

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