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5 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Proposal



5 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Proposal

Planning for an unforgettable proposal to your partner requires a huge effort to keep the scene memorable. Asking someone to spend the rest of their lives with you is a big step. Usually, couples have been together for a long time, and they’ve talked about getting married, but one is still waiting for the other to pop the question and make it official. And that is a moment to remember and both of you want it to be absolutely perfect because you’ll be looking back on it for years to come. So, if you’re planning the perfect proposal, here’s what you should be thinking about and how to make it special.


Here are Five Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Proposal

Consider your partner

You’re not the only person in this equation, and by this point, you should really know your partner well enough to know what they like. Make sure you’re not putting them in a situation they will feel awkward in and make sure they will enjoy the moment as much as you. It’s in the little things: if they’re someone who likes to share updates and post photos online, make sure you’re capturing the moment on tape and if they don’t like having all eyes on them – don’t propose in a public space. It’s easy if you’re just considerate and keep your partner in mind.

Think about practicality

We’ve all seen photos and clips of people putting a ring in the desert, proposing on a rollercoaster and similar ideas. However, while these might be a “wow” effect and make for a great story – how practical are they? Imagine dropping the ring when you’re on the rollercoaster or your spouse having to dig the ring out of a pool of chocolate sauce. These things are all but practical, and you want to play the entire scenario in your head start to finish to make sure there are no potential risks or awkward moments. If you want a crazy experience without the risk, do it before or after the proposal, so it’s part of the memory, but not the very moment of the proposal.

Pick the right ring

You would definitely not want to be the one who proposed with a ring that is too small to fit on your partner’s finger. There are plenty of ways you can determine the size of a ring, from measuring with a ribbon while they are sleeping to having a friend or family member find out without giving up the surprise. If you’ve been talking about marriage, you can ask them straight up in a casual situation and wait long enough for them to forget about it. And of course, there’s the matter of style. There’s such a wide range of engagement rings in different styles and at different price points that you will certainly find something that you will like and that will suit your partner’s style. Once again, they are the ones you should think about when choosing the ring, so pay attention to what metals and what styles of jewelry they like to wear and work off that.

Keep it intimate

Here’s the thing about proposing as a surprise in front of a big crowd: If your partner doesn’t want to say yes right away, you’re putting them in an extremely awkward situation and they will feel so much pressure to say yes, just so they’re not the “evil one” that said no to a proposal in front of a crowd. And even if it’s only in front of a group of close friends and family, you should only do it if you’re 100% sure of their answer and you’ve discussed it at length beforehand. Otherwise, keep it intimate and then announce it to your friends and family over dinner.

Bring the small touches in

The details are what will make all the difference in how you look back on that day. Will the park you chose be sufficiently empty that morning, will the song you scheduled be playing at the right time and will you remember your speech correctly? Speaking of which, there’s no need to memorize a full-length speech for your proposal. Speak from the heart and your partner will feel what you’re saying no matter what. Don’t plan too many small details, especially if you’re a control freak, because then you’ll be stressing over everything being perfect instead of just being in the moment and enjoying your partner’s company. You can just stay at home and do something sweet. Sometimes just winging it and adding a few touches like their favorite flower or getting their favorite dessert or rewatching a movie.


A proposal is hopefully something you’ll only do once in your life, so make sure that you are enjoying it as much as the person you are proposing to and don’t leave it as an afterthought. Plan ahead and make the whole day just perfect so you can remember it with fond memories throughout the years you’ll be together. So put that ring in your pocket and be prepared to have your partner’s surprised smile melt your heart.

Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle and health writer at OffTheMRKT and HighStyleLife magazine.

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