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5 Ways to Keep Your Office Clean and Dust-Free



5 Ways to Keep Your Office Clean and Dust-Free

If you want your business to thrive, keep your office space clean and in a spotless condition as it may be more important than you think. It’s crucial to make your employees feel comfortable working in the workplace, boost their morale, keep them motivated, and be more productive in their daily tasks. It also helps in reducing employee’s health-related problems by getting rid of all the disease-causing microorganisms.

A neat office includes an aspect of excellent customer service as all the staff members will also feel comfortable working in the clean atmosphere and give their best. Your company’s headquarters HQ also serves as sending the first impression that you want to give to your clients, visitors and business partners. It also tells them how organized and responsible you are in dealing with your stakeholders.

Some of the vital cleaning tasks you will have to accomplish frequently should include carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing, window wiping, high-roof dusting, buffing, and more. All of these critical areas present in your office must be kept in a top-notch condition; otherwise, you will end up in an unwanted situation when you might lose your high-profile customers. The following are the five ways in which you can keep your office clean and dust-free throughout the year:


Make a Cleaning Routine

The very first thing you should do is set a routine of cleanliness that your cleaning crew has to follow. All the workers need to adopt a habit of performing regular cleaning tasks to make sure that your workplace remains in an immaculate state all day long. You can also separate your list into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to ensure that you and your workers don’t get lazy and avoid building up dust and grime in the workplace.

The daily tasks may include emptying the trash cans, wiping down counters and tables, dusting computers and other equipment, and others. Weekly tasks may consist of cleaning appliances in the kitchen and emptying the refrigerator. Carrying out these tasks sometimes becomes very difficult, especially in the case of a large enterprise, which is why most companies choose to hire professional commercial cleaning services.


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Clean All Major Areas

Once you have set your routine and divided the cleaning chores, clean up all the significant areas of the office daily, like floors, windows, walls, carpets, furniture, hardware, equipment, corridors, and others. Taking care of all these critical parts of an office will help you attain the best and conducive work environment.


Disinfect Common Areas

Common areas of the office, such as bathrooms, break rooms or eating areas, or any other portion where employees frequently visit on a daily basis need to be given utmost priority when it comes to establishing cleanliness. With so many workers entering and leaving these areas, it increases the likelihood of them catching dust and germs that could make them sick.

That’s why it’s imperative to pay much-needed attention to the hygiene of these common areas to keep your employees healthy and productive.


Don’t Forget Storage Areas

Apart from taking care of the cleanliness of the visible and regularly used parts of your office, storage spaces like closets, storerooms, and other areas filled with clutter require cleaning as well. Instead of using cardboard boxes to store items and files which are inhabited by rodents, utilize plastic boxes to keep mice and insects away.


Enhance Air Quality

It’s also significant to improve air quality in your office to enhance cleanliness and overall health of your staff members by eliminating all the grime, germs and dust. Make your office space more breathable by investing some air purifiers and adding more plants to the workplace. Also, keep your office vents and air ducts clean to maintain a good quality of air throughout the office.

The advantages of keeping a neat and tidy office are huge when it comes to creating a healthy and favorable work environment, which will not help in increasing your workers’ productivity but also keep the consumers on your side.



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