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50 Free and Trial Base SEO Tools



SEO Tools

No one can deny the value of premium SEO tools as the paid tools play a crucial part in SEO when you need increased limits, advanced features, data storing and online support. But for other 70 % tasks, free or trail base SEO tools often does the trick. You can easily find hundreds of free SEO tools but Fast Biz Solution brings you the list of top 50 to add to your toolbox. Widely use SEO tools by the SEO community, actually, free tools and actionable data are the selected criteria for our list.

Google Analytics

It is surely the most widely used web analytics package, its 100% free and shockingly vigorous that plays very well with other products like Search Console, Optimize and Data Studio.

Data Studio

Data Studio is an ideal tool for merging data from different sources. Data Studio is perfect to merge the data, visualize it and then share it.

Bing webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster offers a full suite of website and search analytics particularly helpful for keyword research, keyword report and crawling data.

Enhanced google Analytics Annotations

It is a highly-recommended Google Chrome plug-in that helps you to know whether your dig in traffic is linked with a Google Algorithm update or just a major holiday. Enhanced google Analytics Annotations overlays additional data on top of your analytics, which makes it easy to send screenshots to clients showing how outside forces impacted their website traffic.

Search Console

Search Console is “the best” free SEO tools! It’s difficult to handle a modern SEO company in Islamabad without having access to the data inside Google’s Search Console. To know how Google crawls and rank your site, this is probably the most reliable place.

Keyword Hero

This free SEO tool is used to solve the issue of missing keyword data with machine learning and loads of advance mathematics. Though it’s not the perfect system still can be helpful for those struggling to match the keywords with conversion and other on-site metrics.


MozCast is the original Google SERP tracker and also the brainchild of Dr. Pete. A go-to algorithm tracker for the big update and SERP tracking features are also useful which shows the prominence of features such as knowledge panels and ads.

Link Redirect Trace

A recommended free Chrome extension, known as the ‘all-in-one redirect path analyzer’. Link Redirect Trace divulges information about rel-canonicals, HTTP headers, basic link metrics, and robots.txt.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the best Twitter accounts of any SEO tools maker and also a popular desktop-based crawler. There’re free versions that allow over 500 URLs per crawl. It’s best for small projects and smaller site audits.

Beam Us UP

No other tool is better than Beam Us Up for desktop crawler. Though Screaming Frog has wide number of features compared to Beam Us Up, it offers 100 % unlimited free crawling but only for Windows.

Redirect Path

Similar to Link Redirect Trace, redirect a Path is a well-designed tool that shows header information and redirects path for every URL you visit.

Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer

We already discussed Screaming Frog but many users didn’t know that it also offers a standalone free/paid Log File Analyzer tool as well. The free version is great to use and efficient but restricts 1000 lines.


It is a tremendous log analysis tool packed with some very cool features like real-time analysis and page categorization.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a loveable tool to generate a huge list of questions from any keyword set.

Keyword Explorer

One of the best SEO tool proffer 500 million keyword suggestions. Users can get the Moz’s notorious Keyword Difficulty Score along with CTR data.

Keyword Planner

The keyword planner is for those who buy Google ads, still, it delivers a ton of useful information for SEO keyword planning.

Keywords Everywhere

This browser extension for Chrome or Firefox and even for Google Search Console gives keyword suggestions with volume as you cruise the internet. For keyword inspiration ‘Keyword Everywhere’ is must have tool.


A tool that offers a lot of extended SEO capabilities such as top competitors pages and basic link metrics.

Link Explorer

The biggest and the most accurate link index in the SEO world boasting 35 trillion links. You will provide access to 10 queries and 50 rows of data per query every month.

Link Miner

A free of cost Chrome extension helps you to find broken links quickly on each page.


Developed by the marketing genius ‘Glen Allsopp’, Detailed is one of its kind link research engines that focus on what’s driving link to most famous niches on the web, but without the extra fluff that can make reverse engineering success.

Backlink Checker

A free Backlink checker is good tool but it has number limitations compared to their fully paid tool.

Google My Business

For local SEO this is must have a tool, particularly if you live in a market served by Google. Google My Business helps you to claim your business, respond to reviews, manage listing information, etc.

Google Review Link Generator

This tool is designed to solve a simple problem, ‘how do you give your clients a URL to leave a Google review for your business?

Local Search Results Checker

Figuring out rankings from any location is the hardest part of local SEO, especially when Google obstinately wants to serve the results from the location you’re in. this tool drops you into any location on earth to check the actual rankings.

Moz Local Check Business Listing

It is best to understand your strengths and weakness as lets you know how your business shows up across the web in the foremost data aggregators that use to rank local search results by Google and others.

Mobile First Index Checker

Desktop versions of the website are often different from mobile versions because Google has swapped to mobile-first indexing which means it is necessary that major website elements should match on both versions.

Mobile SERP Test

MobileMoxie’s mobile SERP is designed to compare devices side-by-side for any location, down to the particular addresses.

Mobile Friendly Test

Google counts your page mobile-friendly when it meets the requirement of Goggle’s mobile-friendly test. On the flip, it will provide you with specific areas to address.

Chrome DevTools

Among all the SEO tasks you performed with Chrome, DevTool is the best one. It proffers some of the best features from speed to On-Page SEO to JavaScript auditing.

Marketing Miner

Though the US is not the Marketing Miner market but it is considered one of the best-kept secret in Eastern Europe. Marketing Miner is perfect to do the heavy lifting such as pulling a lot of SERP data, tool reports, rankings or competitive analysis. It then loads it all into a convenient report. The paid version is awesome but you can perform a number of tasks with the free version as well.


MozBar is one of the original SEO toolbars that has seen substantial upgrades over the years. You can log in with a free account, get the link metrics, perform on-page analysis and SERP analysis. The free version is easy to use while Pro users get added some additional features.


This tool is best for social media and content marketing strategies as it allows you to write in any URL and arrange content by the level of social media engagement. You can also keep track of how much your content is receiving appreciation on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter and on other platforms.


One of the most convenient tools that helps you to stay on track. Varvy is ideal for all the worrywarts who want to have all their bases covered. You just have to type your URL and it tests your site to ensure whether it is following Google guidelines on things like alt tags, mobile optimization, page speed, Googlebot access, sitemap compliance, etc.


There are keywords and there are LSI keywords. Latent Semantic Indexing is mainly a clunky way of saying ‘related keywords’. Keywords that are similar to your topic but not identical. LSIGraph is good way to plan your H2 and H3 headers while writing SEO content.


A simple keyword-planning tool that can get lots of work done for you in a pinch. KWFinder is a convenient tool that allows you to see the site’s highest-volume keywords simply by typing URL.

Seed Keyword

Seed Keyword is a more natural tool for keyword research. It endeavors you to type in scenarios, casual conversation-type questions and also spit out suggested keywords that users with similar problems may be looking for.

The Hoth

A powerful tool that can provide you everything. The Hoth’s endeavoring SEO tools include keyword gap analysis, a blog topic generator, a keyword planner and a tool for checking keyword density.


Nibbler is an awesome tool for an SEO reality check. It gives you up to three free reports of your site scoring out of 10 for areas like accessibility, social media, and SEO.


This is must have tool if you pay for a particular high-speed internet connection. GTmetrix tests the speed of your site. It is best to avail of this tool as what loads in seconds for you may not be the case for everybody else.


It can pick up on things that you may have missed. A free SEO tool scans your site and finds out any technical issues and duplicate content which can put a negative impact on your score.

Google Sheets

When it comes to SEO project organization, spreadsheets are most useful that particularly help editors keeping track of a large number of assignments. Google Sheets save your work automatically as you go along.


A tool that allows you to create your own customized newsfeed based on publications and topics you want to see. Feedly is a handy tool to know what’s going on in any industry.


It’s a plagiarism checker tool that scans the web duplicate content. Copyscape helps you to protect your website’s integrity. You can use its free version, perfect for those who are in editorial positions but not writing their own content.


Probably the most popular spellchecker tool that is quite sophisticated to offer tonal suggestions.

Neil Patel

The name everybody knows in SEO strategy. The websites of Neil Patel offers a wide array of resources for those looking to learn.


With TrackReddit you can get all the Reddit news without any Redditing. Often, news breaks first on Reddit so it’s a worthy place to keep tabs on what’s going on.


A writing tool that allows you to see the context your keywords are being used in on other pages on the web. Ludwig is best for ensuring optimal readability.


Pingdom is used to test the site’s speed and will give you ideas about improvements. It makes sure that your site meets speed guidelines.


Just like its name, BuiltWith enables you to see what other websites are built with. You can take inspiration from your admired sites or your competitors.

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