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6 Steps to Upgrade your Old Thermostat



Old Thermostat

Upgrading your old thermostat will save you some cash in the long run. Today we cannot even imagine a home without a central heating and cooling system. No matter how hot and cold is the environment outside; with a thermostat, you can now enjoy a warm and cozy environment every time you step into your house. The older versions of thermostats are now being replaced with new smart thermostats with lots of additional features besides centrally heating the whole house.

Now there are some people who think that if the old thermostat is not broken then you do not need to fix it. And it is not wrong. But it is better to replace the old technology with the latest so that you can enjoy new and better features. Also, old devices are less efficient in terms of both energy saving and performance. New versions and new devices have improved features and can perform better than the earlier ones. Same is the case with thermostats. This is how they work.

The oldest thermostats are called the Analog or Mercury Thermostats. This old thermostat can only be operated using a single button. It means that if you feel cold then you can start the thermostat with the button. And then after sometime when you feel like the temperature is just right you have to switch it off from the button. These thermostats might be working fine but you can see how uncomfortable it is to switch them on and off again and again. Also, you have to turn it on and wait every time you get home after work to let the thermostat heat up the whole house. How annoying! Isn’t it?

  • New Programmable Smart Thermostats

Now the market is flooded by the new thermostats as their demand is increasing day by day. People are shifting to the new device as the older ones are not efficient enough to provide better performance and flexibility. One of the best thermostats is offered by White Rodgers. This company is one of the best companies to provide high standard quality thermostats to the customers. Given below is a complete list of features present in the smart White Rodgers thermostats.

  • The White Rodgers thermostats come with an adjustable heat anticipator.
  • The non-programmable thermostats have a built-in bimetal thermometer that has replaced mercury in Analog thermostats.
  • The improved features also include a switching subbase so that you can switch between heat and cold.
  • The new thermostats are compatible with electric heat system.
  • Smart White Rodgers thermostats have a digital display to enhance visibility.
  • You can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • The smart thermostats can work with HVAC equipment.
  • It is easy to install with step by step instructions that are available in its mobile application.
  • Flexible scheduling and Geo-fencing
  • You can remotely access it while you are away from home.
  • The smart thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled so that you can connect it with Wi-Fi and can operate it from your smartphone.

6 Steps to Upgrade your Old Thermostat

Here are a few steps to upgrade your device. Take a look!

  1. First of all, diagnose if your thermostat is broken. Sometimes you feel it when your heating or cooling system is not working properly. Otherwise, you need to call an HVAC assistant to tell you where the problem is.
  2. Now when you have finally decided to replace it with a smart thermostat then choose the right one for your home.
  3. Consider the wiring system inside your home. Most of the smart thermostats are compatible with C-wiring. So, if you do not have a c-wiring system you either need to upgrade your whole wiring system or there is another way to solve this problem. Some companies offer adapters along with the thermostats that act as a bridge between the normal wiring and c-wiring attached to the thermostat. It is better to pay special attention to these points while purchasing a smart thermostat.
  4. The new versions of thermostat also have a zoning system that enables you to divide your home into different zones and set varying temperatures according to your desire. So consider that too while buying.
  5. Once you have purchased the right device for your home, now you need to install it. First of all, install its mobile application and then create your account. Then choose your device from the list of thermostats shown on the screen. After that, it will ask you whether you have already installed the device or are yet to install. Follow the instructions properly and also watch the video tutorials to install the thermostat. Make sure you follow till the end.
  6. Once you have done with the installation process, now it’s time to program it. Turn it on and select the Menu option. It will give you a few options about scheduling your thermostat for a whole week or set the temperature for the current day using the arrow keys. Once you are done press the Run Schedule button and your new thermostat will start working.
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