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7 Important Aspects of Applying for Scholarship in Uganda Colleges and Universities



7 Important Aspects of Applying for Scholarships in Uganda Colleges and Universities

Do you plan in applying for a scholarship in Uganda? The civil war-ravaged Uganda, with its decades of tyrannical rules, had put the education of kids in utter crises. Since the last tyrant rule ended, people in Uganda, along with many international helping services, have brought the issue of education at the forefront. The generations that have grown up are now at the threshold of enrolling in Ugandan Colleges and Universities to choose a better life path and be a contributing person to the larger society.

But the cost of studying in Universities in Uganda is although not high per international standards. However, it is still on the far side for many aspiring students, whose one main setback is the finances.

To overcome this hurdle and to encourage more students to come forward for enrollment, many of the Ugandan colleges and Universities offer multiple options for University Fees payment. 

Chiefly amongst them, is the waiver of 100% tuition and other functional fees through scholarships in Uganda. Then are the referral discounts and other secure payment options.

The distance learning programs offered by many Universities in Uganda is also done with the intention to encourage higher education post their A-Level courses. These programs encourage young adults to study while working with an added benefit of reduced University fees for studying within Uganda.

The future of higher education that affords students with professional-level degrees to get into well-paying jobs and sustained careers is considered very important. Many Scholarships offered in the Ugandan Colleges and Universities go a long way in supporting and aiding high scoring students to realize their dream of a University level degree.


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7 important aspects of applying for scholarships in Uganda Colleges and Universities

  • Get an early start to applying for University admission, followed by the scholarship programs. 

As soon as you have decided to take a particular discipline for your degree level course, then it is suggested to be an early bird and start with the process of applying for University admissions at the earliest.  It is usually advised so because the universities in Uganda will have limited funding for the scholarship program. Hence, the earlier you apply for Ugandan colleges and universities scholarship program the better are your chances of getting it.


  • Do thorough research on Scholarships in Ugandan universities

The research will help you to get all the information needed for applying for the right scholarship program. Most of the universities admissions website will have a dedicated scholarship page to help prospective students. Information regarding the eligibility criteria, requirements for applications, expectations the university has on awarding the scholarships, even the information on process flow and mode of results announcements will have all be available on their website.  If not available immediately, it will be put up soon, so it is advised to keep checking the website for information.


  • Go beyond universities for scholarships

Some Ugandan colleges and universities may not have a specialized scholarship program. But independent scholarship providers will have a connect with colleges like these. You could avail the same benefits from fee waiver from them. The best way to know who they are and how to connect with them is through peer-to-peer conversations on forums, alumni, and even though the library.


  • Be careful of the program requirements and fill up the application with care.

As soon as you have zeroed in on the university and scholarship program, the next obvious step to go ahead and fill up the application. This is where a lot of care and concern need to be given by you and ensure you follow the requirement and answer the questions in accordance with what they have asked.


  • Have your applications seen through a new set of eyes.

On filling the application form, it is best to get feedback on it so you can optimize and submit a better application. Have your fellow mates and friends look into it and take their critiquing constructively to make your scholarship application stellar.


  • Time management is of utmost importance

Usually, University admission dates will all tend to overlay on each other, making it difficult for you. Hence, time management is of utmost importance. Be aware of the application deadlines and important dates of all the Ugandan colleges and universities you are applying for and ensure that you have an organized action plan for sending in your applications.


  • Don’t give up and keep applying yourself.

The scholarships in Uganda are definitely in high demand, and other students such as yourself will be applying for limited scholarships. If you have not heard from one university, then don’t lose heart or procrastinate on applying again and again to all possible sources and universities. 


Being aware of these aspects of university admissions will help you get a good start to apply for scholarships in Ugandan colleges and universities. Cavendish university in Uganda offers an excellent scholarship program that encompasses many degree and master level courses. 



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