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7 Awesome Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Works



7 Awesome Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Works

As a marketer, it sometimes feels like we spend our lives trying to find the next big thing with marketing when in actual fact, email marketing works just as well now as it did 20 years ago.

Not everyone has a social media account, but just about every single person connected to the Internet has email. The opportunities are in the BILLIONS. While there are practically countless new marketing channels available, email is typically extolled as one of the most effective forms of marketing, and with good reason.


Email marketing is easy and inexpensive

There are lots of ways you can spend your money reaching customers or clients, but if you’re looking to maximize your price per recipient, email is your best bet. Sure, email marketing isn’t free.

The price you pay for an email marketing campaign will vary based on what you have to work with in-house. It costs money to compile an email list, design a campaign, and analyze its implementation.

But overall, email marketing is generally a more cost-effective option than some other options, such as direct mail. One study even found that for every dollar spent on email marketing, an average of $44 is made in return.


Email marketing reaches a wide audience

There are some gaps in the way different generations receive information. While a social media-based approach is going to attract one crowd, direct mailing is going to attract someone entirely different. The good news is that email truly falls somewhere in between. While people in different age groups might use email differently, they are still using email.

Pew Research data shows 87% of American adults age 65 or older use email, as do 94% of adults age 18-29—a fairly small difference. And age isn’t the only measure that shows consistent email use.

Research using big data shows that there is little difference is email habits based on education, ethnicity, and income. In fact, 92% of all online adults in this country use email, making it an incredibly effective way to reach just about anybody!


Email marketing can be targeted and personalized

At some point, you’ve probably been given the advice that one way to win someone over is to use their name a lot in conversation. People really enjoy feeling like you know them. When it comes to email, 71% of participants in one study said they greatly preferred emails that are targeted to them.

Any customer or client deserves a personal approach, and email marketing is the perfect choice for some individualization. With features like substitution tags and optional segmented mailing lists, recipients can receive the type of information they want in the quantities they prefer.

Long over are the days of mailing out a flyer to your good friend “Current Resident” and hoping for the best.


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Email marketing is very timely and action-oriented

Unlike other marketing channels such as display advertising or guest blogging, emails encourage recipients to act now. It’s certainly an effective means of communicating information, too. Not every email is going to be promotional. But when you do send out an “action required” email, you can be confident that you’re pretty likely to get a response.

Email allows people to act. It is so easy to click on a link to make a purchase or complete a survey. While a direct mail letter might sit unopened on a desk or countertop for weeks on end, an email will be opened much sooner, so it can be acted on much sooner, too.


Everyone is mobile

The biggest part of any successful marketing campaign is making sure it’s reaching your audience. No one will know about your latest promotions, newest products, or upcoming events if they are unable to connect with you.

Fortunately, this problem has been largely eliminated with the rise of mobile email access. Sure, some people still access email via a desktop or laptop computer. But the majority of users check email on their smartphone most often. More mobile means more eyes on your marketing campaign, all thanks to email.


Email is easy to measure

It’s occasionally a challenge to see how much of an impact, if any, your marketing campaign is making. Easy email analytics, which is available with most email management software, enable you to see exactly how many people are seeing, and—more importantly—acting on your email.

By figuring out the most successful email format, knowing which emails are encouraging action, and having a solid understanding of how email marketing is working for your organization, you can tailor your email marketing campaign to make it even more efficient in the future. What other channel offers such real-time and overall analysis, and the chance to improve quickly and frequently?


Email marketing is super effective

Why is email marketing not going anywhere? The simplest answer is because it works. Email marketing can work for any organization, from the smallest of businesses to the most enormous of companies.

Whether trying to reach individual consumers or forming connections with other businesses, email marketing can help.

Young and old, people check—and respond to—email.  It is easier than ever to look at a new email and easier than ever to use email marketing to make your business thrive.



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Lauren is an Australian writer, who writes about technology, business and marketing for a number of other blogs. When not writing, she can be found enjoying the beach or the latest live theatre production.

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