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7 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness



7 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

One of the creative ways to increase brand awareness of your business is through Promotional event. However, it entails a lot of workloads. This involves resources, energy and powerful and impactful strategies. Hence, promotional activities give the opportunity to market your business and increase your brand awareness among your target audiences. However, you should think of the most creative way of boosting your connections and engagement with your visitors to stimulate their interest and attention.


7 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

7 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness


Social Media Campaign

Nowadays, social media is one of the most promising and trending tools in building brand awareness. Obviously, people are fond of browsing the social media and through this medium of communication and marketing, you can introduce your brand in a means of keeping up with the latest or trending ideas to make your brand relevant. You can use social media to sell and offer special discounts or even freebies.

Majority of your attendees are going to take photos or record videos of the event and post it on social media, so why not encourage them with the best photo or video contest after the event is done? You can give them recognition and reward and let them enjoy with the help of word-of-mouth recommendations for your brand. 


Every Effort Counts

Every effort that you have exerted in your marketing counts to achieve your company goals. Craft your event into a fundraising campaign which emphasizes your core brand values. Visitors would love to buy your ticket and the thought of helping someone for a certain cause can attract them to look into your brand. Besides the fact that your company will contribute to a socially important cause, it will boost your brand visibility and social awareness.


Creating an Event application

Smart use of your visitor’s resources specifically their mobile phones, is creating your own mobile app for your event. It is the most effective way to keep your visitors engaged and updated on the details of the event. The app can also be used for creating survey and polls or to it can provide a safe space for the questions and feedback to the speakers.

7 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness


Food and Drinks

The highlight of the event is food and drinks. It can be used as accessories for brand promotions. Your imagination is the limit when thinking about branding the food you will serve at the event. You can express your innovations in branding by putting a printed message on chocolate or in candy packaging, or for the lifestyle conscious visitors, you can add a salad or a smoothie. Your creativity will really play in accessorizing the food served in the event. 


Merch or Giveaways

Everyone loves freebies, well who doesn’t?  Aside from food, freebies or giveaways can be the most conventional and useful tool to make your brand socially active and on the pace. The freebie of your choice should be something useful and the design is appealing and catchy so that they find it visually enticing. High-quality merch should be considered if you don’t want to keep your reputation on track. Make a plan according to your financial stability, and decide whether you want your logo printed on high-quality mugs, tumblers, badges or fancy personalized keychains. 



Creating a selfie booth can be very useful and an advantage for branding in social media. Your visitors would love to have a photo with themselves when they are all geared up and pulling-off their best attire.  Make creative and unforgettable scenery with your logo on, and don’t forget a unique and easy to memorize hashtag they can add to their social media posts.


Online and Media Streaming

The sky is your limit when it comes to streaming your event with the purpose of raising brand awareness. This will create a sense of urgency among your fans, encouraging them to keep abreast with your content and make them feel belong and engaged. This method will reach people, and since most of them will be watching using social media networking sites, their engagement will be seen to their own private networks, which is another plus on your boat. And to make your company recognizable, you can use the logo of your company in the corner of the screen, or record your live stream in front of the branded backdrop.

7 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Bottom Line

Following the 7 creative ways to increase brand awareness is an edge for your business. These tactics will help you grow your business and build branding not just in your local area but all throughout social media platform. Sky is the limit. Be creative and resourceful and maximize all the possibilities to improve your brand.



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