7 Fascinating Foot Facts You Should Know

7 Fascinating Foot Facts You Should Know

Your feet work tirelessly from the moment you wake up to the time you retire to bed at night. In all honesty, they are one of the most overworked and under-appreciated parts of the body.

To help you better learn how to take care of your feet, as well as appreciate and pamper them a little, here are the 7 most fascinating foot facts about your feet you should know.

Have a good laugh as you read each fact!

1. Feet can do amazing stuff

Without arms or hands, many people have learned to do some pretty amazing stuff with only their feet. In 2008, Jessica Cox earned the recognition of the first pilot to build a plane using just her feet. Others have mastered different arts such as driving motorcycles, painting masterpieces, writing awesome calligraphy, playing archery and even participating in golf.

2. The World’s Largest Feet Are 1 Foot 3 Inches Long

Brahim Takioullah holds the Guinness world record for the longest feet. At 1 foot 3 inches, Brahim wears size 58 shoes – which are practically impossible to find in retail stores. One store quoted him $5000 for custom made shoes. As for the smallest feet, the cup goes to 19-year old Jyoti Amge from India. Her feet are only 3.7 inches long.

3. Everyone Loves a Little Pedicure Pampering

In 2018, pedicure salons generated a little over 15 billion dollars in sales. While a pedicure might seem like luxury, it carries with it tremendous health benefits, including better circulation from foot massage, and better nail care which can prevent problems like bunions or ingrown toenails. And honestly speaking, beautiful, bright, summer-ready feet are really good for your soul!

4. Feet are used for Flirting

In the world of flirtation, feet can easily reveal one’s feelings-especially for women. Researchers have proven that a woman who is feeling a guy’s vibe will mostly position her feet out and away from her body. If she isn’t feeling flirtatious, she’ll likely coil her legs or tuck them beneath her. Mysteriously, this doesn’t hold true for men.

5. Your Feet Determine Your Personality

There are 10 different recognized foot types. And while science hasn’t really come out to back up this claim, many people believe that you can read someone’s personality by just looking at the shape of their feet.

6. Women are by far the most affected by foot problems

Women are plaqued by foot problems as much as four times more than men. Heels are generally to blame, because of the extreme pressure they put on the arch and toe box. Surprisingly, women began wearing heels to look and feel more masculine. It was actually male Persian warriors who first adopted the trend, after which women followed suit.

7. Overgrown Toes is actually a Foot Condition

One of the rarest and most unique foot conditions in the world is Macrodactyly. In this condition, one or more toes extends forward due to an overgrowth of tissues and bones in the toe area. Don’t fret though- the condition is benign and has no side-effects apart from having to custom-make your shoes.

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