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7 Mistakes to Avoid During Work from Home



7 Mistakes to Avoid During Work from Home

Remote work is a dream for many. People enjoy working from home as they have to worry less about commute and interactions. However, remote work is not void of its challenges.

You make mistakes while working from home, either technical or non-technical. This can cause repercussions to your company and also cost you your reputation and even your job.

COVID-19 has led many companies to opt for the work-from-home option, and if you’re one of those people, you must be vigilant during this time to avoid any problems.

So, if you are struggling with your remote work routine and unable to keep up with it, you must avoid some common mistakes. This article highlights some common mistakes people make while working remotely.


Not Following Office Policies

Many people consider work from home to be a vacation. They spend a lot of their time on Netflix or chatting with friends thinking there is no one to monitor them.

However, work from home also requires the same discipline as the in-house job. It is not the time to spend on useless things. Therefore, stick to your workplace policies and discipline in your remote work as well.


Not Keeping Track Of Your Work

For many people, it becomes hard to keep track of their work while working remotely. It is the unproductive habits and procrastination that lead to poor work performance and delayed deadlines.

However, you can discipline and keep track of your work yourself. For example, if your employer is not setting deadlines, set them for yourself. You can also use task management tools for tracking your daily tasks.


Saving Official Work On Personal Emails

Another mistake people make is saving their official data on their personal accounts. This can be a huge mistake, especially if small negligence on your end leads to data breaches and leaks. It can affect your company and your reputation.

Set up a separate online folder for saving all your official data. Use an official email to communicate with your colleagues and employers.


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Not Using VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives you security and safety over the network. Not installing it can lead to the loss of confidential data that can hamper your company.

You must choose a VPN service for protecting your data against hackers and online thefts. You can also ask your employer about the VPN service.


Not Minimizing Distractions

Your remote work is work, and you should focus on it while you are at it. While working remotely, you should try to keep your personal life separate from your work life.

Minimize all distractions while you are on your job. It is impossible to do the work and keep one eye on that distraction, be it your child, home chores, or other things.


Not Setting Boundaries

Many employers think that their remote employees are available for work all the time. When working from home, it is easy to start checking your emails from the bed and answering them. This makes your employers think that you are available and they might give you more tasks.

You should set your boundaries and take your breaks. It is healthy for you, and you will perform better after refreshing yourself. However, monitor your breaks and their frequency because your employer would be noticing you.


Using A Weak Internet Connection

Your remote work is dependent on your internet connection. A weak WiFi connection can disrupt your online meetings and may delay your work. Install a strong internet connection at your home to remain accessible for your employers and colleagues. Avoid using public WiFi as it can be dangerous for official work.



Remote work has its benefits as well as challenges. But, you can make it productive and fun with the right discipline. Address all the challenges beforehand and maintain a healthy remote work routine to deliver your best.



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