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7 Most Popular Programming Language



7 Most Popular Programming Language


1. Python

It is not surprising that Python is currently the most popular programming language in the world. Python is slower than C and C ++, for example, because it is a great programming language. 

Python is easy for programmers to learn due to the simple syntax. Also, there are too many other plus points for programmers to program with Python, such as:

  • You can get started with the latest techniques, such as creating Machine Learning applications, analyzing big data, and programming Internet of Things devices.
  • Large community
  • Many libraries and frameworks available
  • Work faster and more innovation

Python stormed the top 10 of the most popular programming languages ​​in 2002. At the end of 2018, Python only became the most popular programming language, and in 2019, it retained this position. It is expected that Python will remain at 1 in the coming years because more and more companies and people are going to work with new techniques that you can use to program with Python.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript was a long time ago. JavaScript code appears in almost every website. If you are a web developer and create websites, you will always come in contact with JavaScript.

JavaScript makes websites interactive. Without JavaScript, a website would be very static. Because sites are still popular, and they are made a lot, many developers also use JavaScript.

Most popular browsers support JavaScript. That is why a website needs to use JavaScript. This allows a website to function well in known browsers, such as Google Chrome.

As long as the major browsers continue to support JavaScript and the demand for web developers remains high, JavaScript will stay a popular programming language.


3. Java

Java was the most popular programming language worldwide from 2001 to the end of 2018. This is a long time! Java is platform-independent. 

The OOP concept is entirely ingrained in Java. This concept has become very popular among programmers. Java is the ideal programming language for object-oriented writing code.

Java also has a large community, and there are many libraries and frameworks available that make life easier for Java developers.

These are one of the many plus points to Java. Do you want to learn Java yourself? Then visit Top Java Courses Online

4. C#

 A development environment must ensure that a programmer can write code quickly and easily. This plays a role in the popularity of C #.

It is not a complicated programming language to learn. It is not a steep learning curve. This is one reason that many programmers decide to start programming with C #, in addition to the other benefits and points to the language.

Unity is the world’s most popular game engine. This also brings many game developers into contact with C #.

With C #, you can create games, websites, Windows apps, Machine Learning applications, and apps, among other things. The options are vast with C #. Do you want to learn C # yourself? Then read “Learning C #.”

5. PHP

A big reason that PHP is so popular nowadays is because of WordPress. This is the most extensive Content Management System (CMS) in the world. More than 30% of websites worldwide run on WordPress. WordPress websites are written with PHP.

PHP is not very difficult to learn. As a beginner, you can quickly master PHP. The community is large. As a PHP programmer, you can always contact other PHP experts.

Just like the previous programming languages ​​in the top 5, PHP also has many libraries and frameworks that are useful for programmers. This makes work easier for PHP programmers.

PHP has certainly proven itself over the years. Many websites worldwide run on PHP. About 78% of websites worldwide that use a server-side programming language use PHP.

6. C++

C ++ is designed to be better than C. It is a fast programming language because the code is close to machine language.

It is an object-oriented programming language. Many programmers enjoy working with an object-oriented programming language because they are familiar with the concept.

Although C ++ has been around for a while, the language is still alive and kicking. The community is huge and lively. This keeps C ++ accessible.

With C ++, you have many options. C ++ is used to create apps, games, and web browsers, among other things.

7. C

C is also called the mother of all programming languages. From 1985 to 2001, C was the most popular programming language worldwide. Many children of C, such as Java and C ++, have since overtaken C. Many compilers are made in C.

C is the ultimate programming language to develop an operating system. Linux is programmed with C. Other large operating systems are (partly) written with C, such as Microsoft.


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Some popular programming languages ​​from the past

In addition to the most popular programming languages, it is undoubtedly also interesting to look at popular programming languages ​​from the past. Why have they disappeared (ultimately) from view?

1. Fortran

From 1965 to 1980, Fortran was the most popular programming language worldwide. Now Fortran is a lot less popular. It was one of the first programming languages.

Fortran is still used today, but on a much lesser scale than before. The programming language is intended for calculations. The exact sciences, in particular, make use of it.

Fortran has a unique syntax. Programming languages ​​such as C, C #, and Java have a modern syntax, and this has become the standard. That is why Fortran also attracts a few new programmers.

Modern programming languages ​​have many useful libraries and frameworks. Because of this, you only need a few lines of code for a task. For an assignment in Fortran, you often need many more lines of code, because the compiler does not understand these libraries and frameworks.

Fortran has been surpassed by modern programming languages ​​that make it easier for programmers to achieve the same goals. Fortran is still used for specific purposes in the exact sciences.

2. Pascal

In 1980 Pascal took over from Fortran and until 1985 was the most popular programming language worldwide. Then C thundered over it, and Pascal slowly plummeted from the top.

Pascal is still used today. It is a procedural programming language, which allows you to program in a structured way.

With Pascal, you can create computer programs, games, and operating systems, among other things. For example, Skype is written in Pascal. Lisa’s OS was also written in Pascal. Apple’s operating system, the early eighties.

C and Pascal are alike. C became more and more popular, and the possibilities were greater. Many more programmers started using C. As a result; Pascal disappeared more and more into the background.


Ada crossed C in 1985 as the world’s most popular programming language but didn’t last very long. In 1986 C again caught up with Ada. Then Ada slowly disappeared from the scene.

The US Department of Defense commissioned Ada to be developed in 1979. The programming language came out in 1983.

At the time, many different programming languages ​​were used for military projects in America. The US Department of Defense wanted to reduce this by developing Ada and using it more.

Ada became less and less popular because the language was not taught to new programmers. The benefits of Ada were not well understood. The US Department of Defense also no longer insisted on making more use of Ada, which reduced popularity even more.

Learn to program yourself

Have you become enthusiastic after seeing the most popular programming languages, ​​and do you want to learn how to program? Programming can seem very difficult. There is a lot of information on the internet, but often this is not fully explained and unstructured. 




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