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7 Must-Have Features for Food Delivery App



7 Must-Have Features for Food Delivery App

Living in the era of mobile delivery app solutions, every business and company has to have an app for the growth and success of the organization. Among different categories of mobile app development, the demand for on-demand mobile apps is at its peak. Apps such as Uber have changed its entire landscape of services and provides on-demand food delivery through UberEats which is one of the most successful On-demand food delivery apps.

Food has always been the first love of every human being who adore the delicious taste of restaurants, but they don’t have the time to go out to eat. However, through the on-demand food delivery apps such as Foodpanda, Zomato, UberEats and more, it has become easier to order food online.

This is one basic reason why thriving restaurants create their apps and provide better customer services. If you are looking forward to diving in the food delivery services, you must remember that it’s a tough competition. So before you move further with your plan, here are seven features you need to remember to make an app like Foodpanda.

Live food tracking

Waiting for food is one of the worst feelings that can make the user unhappy with your delivery services. One thing that can satisfy them is live tracking. Think about it; when you can’t wait for something, you keep on checking it. The same is the case with food and live tracking can console the user and get the food delivered on time.

When ordering directly from the restaurant, you can simply ask for quick delivery, but when ordering through an app, live food tracking can add a plus point over the competitors in the market. On-time delivery services can build the trust of the people and ensures regular customers. This is one of the key features of food delivery apps that you can ignore.

Suitable Payment options

Unlike other features of the app, adding multiple options and payment methods has become a necessity. People today consider online payments rather than paying cash on delivery. You can offer amazing discounts on various payment gateways which can add greater visibility to your business and brand.

Other than multiple payment options, it is also important to secure the customer’s data. It is the best way that can help you to build trust between your brand and the users.

Reward your loyal customers

If you are not a business owner, but managing a food delivery service, you need to attract new customers as well as maintain your existing customer base. This is where loyalty rewards can benefit your business. Rewards can bring your customers to your brand turning them to loyal users of the app. You can offer points or coupons to use of a particular restaurant to interest the users to explore your delivery options.

Push notification

Take the opportunity of hitting the iron while it’s hot. Give your customers an option to act on the chance and make sure that they take it. To put it in simple words, reach out to your customers at lunch or dinner times to make sure they avail the opportunity to order your services.

The best way to make it happen is through push notifications which informs the customers about live offers. You can promote the offers of the restaurants and increase your conversion rates. Make sure to design your app in a way that enables push notification that can make conversions and devise a marketing plan which is customer-centric.

Food customization

People love it when they can order food according to their wishes. If your application enables them to customize their options, they are likely coming back to order sometime else. This way you can build their trust and make new conversions.

Manage the address book

Your app must have an option of saving addresses of numerous locations so your customers don’t have to manually type in your current location every time they order food. This enables the user to save time and make placing orders easier. Other than that, this feature can also help them to find restaurants near their location making them opt for closer ones. Win the heart of your customers by providing them better services in less time.

Extra bonus

An app installation takes a few seconds and even less to uninstall it. Providing your customers with rewards to share their comments or give them rewards on downloading your app can definitely increase the count of installation of your app.

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