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7 Must Use Content Strategy



7 Must Use Content Strategy

A glimpse into the changing content strategy for enhancing user experience in 2020

Every other website developer is almost obsessed with strange sheets of colorful bar graphs and dot charts going up and down, creating a mind-boggling effect for anyone who doesn’t understand design or development.

We need more traffic!

The numbers are going down!

Views are getting less!

Someone do something, our web is not showing up on the first page!

This is just a glimpse into the life of developers who work every day to grab your attention as you search for something online. It is a struggle to build a user experience that is good enough for users to come time and time again, however, developers themselves are to be blamed for it for one very simple reason – i.e. content.


What is Content Strategy anyway?

Content Strategy is everything that the user engages with, anything that communicates something to the user. Everything the user reads, sees, hears, or engages with is content. It is not just limited to words.

Creating content is one thing and posting it is another. But both tasks need meticulous attention to detail that a lot of people brush under the carpet.

Stop brushing things under the carpet and read these content strategies to find a definite solution to your problem.


1. Balanced Nature of Content

Do not overload your websites with the content just because you need to have a lot of stuff in there. Nobody wants to read about Finland’s cuisine or Malaysian parliament when you are the sole seller of home-cooked foods.

Content with an appropriate amount of keywords related to the actual niche of the website is enough to get you traffic that is needed – and the right kind of traffic, that will engage with content on your website.


2. Balanced Nature of Structure

Imagine seeing a haphazard manner of formatting on Gucci’s website. That’s something you will never see because Gucci’s developers know it better to give the user an eye-catching and pleasing environment –

Users tend to flock towards websites that load easily and have a mobile-friendly layout. Hence it is important for the content to be structured.


3. Balance of Work Flow

To understand this you can imagine how Instagram’s algorithm works, you need to post every day to stay among-st the trending web pages. Hence, you need to work out a schedule that helps your website grow.

If you have a blog or a website that features new articles then keeping readers engaged should be your priority and when humans know what to expect for they keep coming back to the source.


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4. Balance of Governance

Making key decisions about the kind of content that should go on the web and when to expand the niche are some key strategy components that can help the website move upwards in search.


5. Avoid ROT

Creating content is a wonderful job for those who have it in the first week; designing new blog posts, responsibly attaching links, and adding the required amount of words but with time the job gets monotonous and the end product loses quality.

R.O.T stands for repetitive, outdated, and trivial details that become part of the content with time. Look at the example below:

‘We create number one quality leather made goods that are fit for your rough journeys’ and

‘No need to worry our leather made goods are authentic long-lasting amazing full of life and last long’

Both descriptions are almost the same only the second half contains a verbose description that does not make sense. A reader would expect you to sell him the product with a description that is easy to comprehend – not synonyms stuffed in one sentence.


6. Integration

Make it a whole experience for the user. Pictures, videos, infographics, designs, and everything in between can help surge traffic on your website. Don’t dispose of old pages that might exist on your web, instead add interesting designs to lure readers into reading your content.


7. Optimization

Do not throw in keywords as if it was an immature attempt at getting likes on a Facebook post by tagging half a million people. It only makes the content look more unprofessional.


Use proper SEO software and HR tools to optimize content that goes out.

If you follow these 7 strategies by 2020 you are expected to see a significant difference in the outreach of your website. Creating content is not a hard job but creating quality content that qualifies for SEO is hard. Whether you are a course work service or some corporate brands these strategies are a must for you to enhance user experience.



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