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7 Types of Essays Students Must Learn



7 Types of Essays Students Must Learn

Different types of essays are the most common form of assignment assigned to students. Be it in school, college or university, students need to work throughout the year to achieve high assessment. Essay writing is encouraged so much in every educational institution around the globe due to multiple reasons.

The prime reason to assign students with essay writing task is to enhance their understanding of the subject. The proficiency of students’ knowledge about the topic is evaluated by the teachers through the write-ups. Students get a chance to elaborate on their ideas, opinions, thoughts, and views related to a specific topic. The concept of writing essay assignment for students is introduced for influencing students to improve their concepts and ideas through writing style.

There are multiple aspects for which students get a chance for enhancing skills writing, reading, researching, analyzing, and formatting of the paper. An essay has different categories and students should be acquainted with all of these genres. Through the span of academic sessions, students need to craft diverse types of papers. Many of the students find difficulties in writing complex types of essay assignments and stand in a need of assignment help. To help students get out of the writing woes, the following is given the types of essays students should learn about.

7 Types of Essays Students Must Learn

Persuasive or argumentative essay

This genre is about convincing the readers about a certain opinion or concept. The opinion depends on something you believe and want to justify or logically prove to the audience by using relevant arguments and theories. The principle of the persuasive essay is to inspire the audience for considering the notion presented by you. With an extensive amount of research, you can gather compelling arguments and rich information for the concept elucidated by you.


Narrative essay

In a narrative essay, the writer needs to elaborate on a personal story by explaining an individual experience. A narrative essay is personal and subjective in tone. The students get clarity of thoughts and an opportunity to write those thoughts on the sheet of paper artistically. The writer presents the experience in a simple but impressive way aiming to entertain the readers. The convincing experience of the writer is required to make the piece interesting for the audience.


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Expository essay

This type of essay should be informative and valuable to readers. Necessary facts and figures should be provided to evaluate the objective of a specific topic. Sufficient details about the topic including relevant facts, evidence, and statistics. While writing an expository essay remember that there is no scope of adding personal views or opinions. To analyze the facts, students must conduct research accurately and arguments produced must be in relevance to the essay subject to craft a legible and concise paper.


Descriptive essay

One of the easiest and prominent types of essays is a descriptive essay. In this genre, the writer has to elucidate a particular object, place, emotion, situation, etc. The students get a chance to explain a certain incident or experience. To write a compelling piece of descriptive essay, writers have to make the essential use of creativity to influence the audience for an opinion about a particular object. The main objective is to conduct a thorough evaluation and explain the detailed meaning of a specific subject.


Compare and contrast essay

The similarities and distinctions between two objects, individuals, incidents, or things are placed in the compare and contrast essay. The essay aims to elucidate how two things are similar or distinct from each other. Students involve themselves in critical thinking and evaluation of the ideas and indulge themselves in presenting the elaboration of theories and ideas. With the intriguing analysis contradictions and similarities are put together.


Cause and effect essay

The students come across this type of essay usually while studying in school or colleges. This essay is like depicting a situation or incident to the audience. The reason behind the occurrence of the incident and the effective thoughts regarding the situation is provided by the writer in the paper. This type of essay provides the consequences of the incident and elucidates the organization of thoughts and perceptions.


Application essay

This is a significant genre every student must learn to write. To get admission in a reputed university or college students must prepare themselves to write an impressive essay for the purpose of a personal statement. For such a write-up, students need to be accustomed to creative thoughts for describing their experiences, academic achievements, and other skills. You can accomplish your ambition of studying in the desired university by presenting an impeccable application essay.


Sum up

Writing in different types of essays is a practice that helps the students in moving up the academic level. Without being familiar with the different types of essays, the genre seems to be complex. Many students request, “write my essay” to their classmates, parents, or siblings due to difficulties faced in the process of writing. After getting proper knowledge about the variety of essay types one can be highly skilled in academic essay writing.



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