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7 Ways to Come Up with Catchy Business Name



7 Ways to Come Up with Catchy Business Name

Why is a catchy business name so important in your business?

When you are scrolling up on the Social Media what makes you actually click on the link? No doubt, it is a headline or the title of the content, most of the time. The more appealing and catchy, the more it attracts attention. Everybody wants a business name that grabs the interest and fascination of all who hear it.

Starting your own business needs a Catchy Business Name. Competition is really tight and you have to be sharp in coming up with names to stimulate awareness to the audiences. In this article, we’ll show you how to come up with the perfect catchy and creative name for your new business by brainstorming, identifying and making sure your name is: Catch, creative, original and relevant.

7 Ways to Come Up with Catchy Business Name

7 Ways to Come Up with Catchy Business Name

Make it Original

After thinking of original name ideas — now what? It’s important to choose a name that’s easy to say, spell, and type into Google — even if it’s a made-up word. You can use some of the Business Name Generator online. 

This is the most challenging thing of all but it is the most essential when naming your business. Originality is the key to everything. Don’t be afraid to explore and play with words! Cite your inspiration and keep abreast with the latest trend in the market. You can also consult books and on the internet for reference and write down the words that fancy you and study the possible words or synonyms that will resonate your ideas.

Make it Relevant to Your Business

Contemplate deeply. What are you trying to reach? How would you describe your company to others? What message do you want to convey in your customers? What adjectives and verbs come to mind when you think about your business? What are the current vernacular terms? Grab a piece of paper and a pen and start writing it all down.

Publicity is the thing in branding the business name. The name should scream what’s inside. You have also to consider the grammar and the structure of the name. Deliberate the list down names and you have to make sure that it is relevant to your business. Use the internet and other resources to check the authenticity of your business name.

7 Ways to Come Up with Catchy Business Name

Get creative with Words

Use your knowledge with language or consult people who are good at this! You can use figurative and literary language to make it more creative. You could also think of person, animals, things or terms that will fit your business objectives. However, you have to avoid using highly-technical words that aren’t very commonly heard. Make sure that it easy to pronounce and straightforward.

Make it Remarkable

Don’t hesitate to think of ideas that could make your business stand out. Your business name should be remarkable and relevant so that the audiences will remember it.

Choosing a name that helps people find you quickly can put you ahead of the game. And remember: if customers can’t find you, they’ll end up finding someone else! Limit yourself to coming up with names with few syllables — it’ll help you focus on coming up with punchier name ideas.

Get feedbacks

Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback. This will help you to explore more of your ideas. Consider their opinions and deliberate if it is beneficial and helpful.

Make sure it is lovable

It begins with you! Be confident and love your idea! That’s why we recommend brainstorming plenty of ideas and taking the time to mull them over before settling on a winner but it requires time and patience. Always remember that there is no overnight success! Try your best to get the name right on the first attempt to ensure your business is off to a great start.

7 Ways to Come Up with Catchy Business Name

Register your business domain name

Once you have done the necessary testing for your chosen business name, you need to commit to locking it down and register the domain name for it. This will ensure the availability of your business name and to avoid legal complications in the future.



Thinking of a catchy business name can be crucial and nerve-cracking. You have to exert efforts, make a study and unleash your creativity to make it catchy as possible. If you haven’t found a suitable and available name by now, you might want to give it more time and be patient. Double-check your business name before making anything public. A more important thing is to be creative while coming up with a name. 

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