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8 Best Décor Ideas for Small Office Spaces



Décor Ideas for Small Office

If you are looking for decor ideas for a small office that fits your motif and budget, you can always mix different designs and put them into place. Finding ideas for decorating a small office space is quite difficult. Yes, the internet is full of articles guiding how to decorate your office, but nobody thinks about your office space before writing these articles.

Well, we know that most of those ideas won’t work for small spaces. So, they aren’t practical for you if you own a small office. Thinking about this, we have decided to curate the list of amazing décor ideas for small office spaces.

Yes, it means that now you can also make your office look stylish and modern; regardless of the size of it. Are you already excited? Let’s just have a look at these décor ideas so that you can transform them into reality!


8 Best Décor Ideas for Small Office Spaces

Use Decorative Wooden Partitions

The main problem with small office space is that you can’t create lots of rooms. In an office, some rooms like a meeting room, kitchen and personal spaces for seniors are compulsory. But, space will become smaller if you will create separate rooms for every purpose.

So, instead of that, you can use wooden partitions to divide various areas. These partitions are available online, and you can get one or two as per your office size. You can use a partition in one single room to use half-space for work desks and the other half for the meetings. The best part is that they are movable, so you can remove them as and when required.

Choose Colours Wisely

Some colors have the quality to make even the smaller spaces look larger. So, you should always select the color combination for your small office space by keeping this point in your mind.

The colors which have this special quality are purple, navy blue, coffee, white, peacock, sky blue and eggshell. But don’t choose very light colors like white because it will make your office look boring. Also, avoid colors like black or red because these will make space appear even smaller.

Opt for Foldable Chairs and Movable Furniture

Well, we can’t create an office without furniture. But, in small office spaces, adding lots of furniture make space look smaller, and it gives a feeling of suffocation. Working in such an environment can be very difficult for your employees.

But, you can’t remove the furniture because work stations are necessary for an office. The best solution to this problem is buying flexible furniture. By purchasing foldable chairs, movable tables, and other furniture, you can utilize the space in a better manner.

You can move these tables and chairs anytime for other office activities like a training session or seminar. Plus, you can contact office workstation manufacturers to buy flexible and small workstations. They can also create specialized workstations as per the size of your office.

Add Small Table Plants

Plants bring in new energy and life into any space. That’s why most of the websites suggest you add a few plants in your office. But, this is not always possible for small office due to the lack of space.

So, you can choose table plants instead of the bigger plants. The best thing is that you won’t need a separate space for these plants. You can clean one corner of the works desk to place these little plants. These plants don’t require much care. Plus, they will positively impact the health of your employees.



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Introduce Open Space Plan

In an open space plan, you don’t need to create separate rooms or cubicles for your employees. Some open space plans don’t even have separate work desks. So, by opting for this office plan, you will not only promote communication but also save lots of space.

You can remove all the work stations and add one or two huge common tables. Everyone will sit together for work. The huge gap between bosses and employees ends when they all work together at the same place.

This setting also controls the feeling of seniority or inferiority in the employees. So, if you want to promote that everyone is equal in your company, then an open space plan will be best for you!

Add Photo Strings Instead of Big Photo Frames

Having some motivational quotes and a little bit of artwork removes the monotony from the office interiors. But, hanging big photo frames on small walls can make space look messy instead of beautiful. So, you can go with photo strings instead of photo frames.

The best thing is that photo strings are budget-friendly and modern. You can take ferry lights or a simple colorful ribbon to create a long string on your office wall. On this string, you can hang any small size photos with the help of small clips.

You can change these photos anytime as per your convenience. For protecting them, you can laminate the photos before hanging them. In this way, you can save these from dust as they will be hanged directly on the wall.

Add Vertical Shelves

You can utilize the office space by adding vertical shelves or tall shelves. By doing so, you can store more things in less floor space. These shelves can be used for stocking files, utensils, and other important office supplies.

You can also keep one-two extra stools to make every shelf accessible for every employee; regardless of the height.

Substitute Desktops by Laptops

Desktops take more space than laptops. The best thing about laptops is that they are portable due to which employees can also work from home by using laptops. Especially if you are opting for an open space plan, then placing so many desktops on one big table will seem like a mess.

On the other hand, using laptops will make space look more de-cluttered and better. You can also use the same working area for meetings by removing the laptops from this table. So, go for laptops.


Use all these tips to make your small office space look beautiful and amazing!



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