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9 Key Tips to Achieve Success in Business Venture



9 Key Tips to Achieve Success in Business Venture

If you are in the business venture and want to achieve success in business, these 9 Key Tips to Achieve Success in Business Venture will help you design your business path and guide you all the way to Achieve Success in Business.


9 Key Tips to Achieve Success in Business Venture

1. The initial step

Robinson Shiba, president of Trendfoods group (owner of the Gendai and China in Box brands), “ focus is essential for those who want to undertake. A lot of people come to me thinking about opening 200 stores. I say, be sure, but open the first one. ”

To overcome insecurity, Shiba advises: quit your job and get ready to work a year in the business you want to undertake.

“It will lower the risk.”

Besides that:

  • Seek inspiration constantly to become a good entrepreneur;
  • Likes business;
  • Seek information from big companies you admire
  • Read about it;
  • And study about it.

Inspiration can come from even the competition – but not exclusively from it.


2. Line of business and customer knowledge

Many people want to start their own business to work with what they love to do. And that, without a doubt, must be one of the pillars of your project: love for what you do. One of the secret ingredients to achieve success in business is to love what you are doing.

After all, what is the point of addressing the difficulties and insecurities related to entrepreneurship if not to work with what one likes? So before you start any business, make sure you really like the area, have an affinity for it, and wake up motivated every day.

Entrepreneurs multiply their chances of success when they invest in industries they already know. Still, it is essential to do a thorough research of the area before starting a project.

The first thing is to understand what the industry looks like and what are the key opportunities, weaknesses and interesting trends. It is also important to always be interacting with the consumer market, especially in the first months of the business.


3. Talk to entrepreneurs in the same industry

There are several entrepreneurship meetings where you can find partners, partners, and customers, and hear both success and failure stories. This is a good way to find out what real business costs are.


4. Calculate the investment and make a business plan.

Already with a business outline in mind, put on paper how it will be structured.

It’s time to calculate how much investment and what structure the company will require. Include physical structure, furniture, and personnel. You need to quantify all the money to open and maintain the business. If it is long term, start saving money now or look for a funding source or investor.

Business cash flow forecasting is required.

Ask yourself how much money it will take to start the business and how soon you will get the return on your investment.

Experts agree that planning is critical to business success.

In this way, design the most comprehensive business plan that includes operational, marketing, and financial plans.

It has the function of assessing whether the business is viable or not.

Remember that you do not need to elaborate on it yourself.

The Sebrae offers free courses to help small and medium entrepreneurs to develop these and other documents essential to business success.


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5.  Analyze Business Location

“Location is everything!”

One of the most important points for starting a successful business is knowing how to choose the location. The choice of business point affects various aspects of the business such as the capital required to open the business, the flow of visitors and, consequently, its revenue. So take the time to choose your business location, as this decision is paramount importance to the success of your business.

Here’s what to check when defining were to open your business:

  • Study the audience you want to reach from the product you want to offer.
  • Analyze the ease of access, the number of parking spaces, the pedestrian traffic around the region and, of course, the competition!
  • Is there a good looking branch store you want to set up nearby? Talk to the owners and frequent the neighborhood like a local customer.
  • Points that are “halfway” from the audience are more likely to succeed!


6. Hire correctly and qualify your employees

Unfortunately, one of the essential ingredients for starting a successful business is often overlooked by entrepreneurs: the staff and their skills.

In your planning, be sure to consider the number of employees that will be required to maintain the business, both at the beginning and throughout the operation. If you are looking for a partnership to open the business, look for the ideal partner. Preferably someone who has complementary capabilities you trust and can share tasks with.

Of course, you should initially have a small staff, but even so, it is crucial to plan and especially pay attention to the technical qualifications of your employees. In a competitive market like the one we live in, one of the ways to create a differential is precisely the good professional training of its employees.


7. Marketing

Marketing is also essential and needs to be used very well. It’s no use having a great deal of people don’t know it exists. You will need to separate resources and outline a strategy for publicizing your business. Don’t forget to think about spreading the company over the Internet, as this is the most influential medium at the moment, especially for those with a tight budget.


8. Attention to legislation

To achieve your success in a business venture, you should also consider the issues surrounding the legislation. Stand by the law. Take out business licenses, permits, and public documents. Remember that this takes time, as there is a bureaucracy behind this whole process. Tax and tax issues cannot be forgotten, especially in Brazil, where the tax system is full of pitfalls that, if not avoided, can even make your business unfeasible.


9. Believe in Yourself and Never Stop Evolving

According to Habib’s president and founder Alberto Saraiva, it is not enough to just have a great idea, it takes personality to undertake.

For him, adversity helps to create this personality.

“Those who start from scratch have more willpower to win. The entrepreneur is thirsty to do something, always looking for something. He is always creating, dreaming and betting, but mostly believing in himself. Persistence and determination are key to starting a business. ”Already Alexandre Costa, president of Cacau Show, believes that to build a sustainable business is necessary:

  • Have a vision and plan goals and objectives ;
  • Dedicate yourself fully and not give up because of a “no”;
  • Reinvest in business and know how to deal with success;
  • Achieve something new every day, and reinvent yourself every moment.




If you are thinking of starting a business, I am sure these tips are very helpful and will help you succeed in your venture.manifestation magic Alexander Wilson Another point that is also very important and worth mentioning is that you should not in any way confuse your personal finances with the assets of the company.

If you do that, the chances of the business working out are greatly reduced. So the suggestion is that you do your personal financial control properly before you even start your business. In this sense, you can use Mobills to assist you in this task.



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