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9 Kids Museums in New Jersey that are Worth Visiting



9 Kids Museums in New Jersey that are Worth Visiting

Children`s Museum is the place where kids can learn a lot about history, art and culture. However, today`s Museums are much more different then these were used to be in the past. They offer many learning opportunities as well as an activity for fun as well. From minerals to history and music there are many museums in New Jersey that offer a lot of education and fun related stuff.

Here we have listed the best children`s museum in New Jersey that you should visit during 2019.

  • Franklin Mineral Museum

Franklin Mineral Museum is another kid’s friendly museum, has more than 90 fluorescent rocks on display that were all discovered in this area. But looking at them is not the only thing that you will be doing here, the real fun is outside where you can have an opportunity to dig and find for rare mineral rocks. Kids would love this activity as it will be exciting to see lights glow with an amazing array of vibrant colors under UV lights.  You can even take some of these discoveries home with you. As there are lots of fun stuff, it is another place that you can say is great as a kid’s museum.4

Admission Fee.   Ranges from $5 to $24

Opening Times.       April – November (Every Day), March (Weekends only)

franklin-mineral-museum: 9 Kids Museums in New Jersey that are Worth Visiting

  • Matchbox Road Museum.

It is a collection of nearly 55,000 miniature cars, trucks, and other Matchbox line series vehicles that are on display here. Established by Everett Marshall in 1992, it is a personal collection that he started collecting in 1957. This Amazing collection is a great way to know how vehicles evaluate with time. It`s a great attraction for all ages, but kids would love this place as Kids museum.

Open only by Appointment: Call 856-697-6900 or email

Matchbox-Road-Museum-New-Jersey: 9 Kids Museums in New Jersey that are Worth Visiting

  • New Jersey State Museum.

Another Children Museum., it is a place where you can see the collection from fine art, archaeology there are many things worth seeing here. Especially suitable for kids, you will see many kids friendly Pamphlets posing the questions to help visitors engage with display. There is discovery den where everyone can touch specimens, play games, read books, watch puppets.  If you have kids, then don’t forget to take them there on the 3rd Saturday of every month as there will certain activities like Kids explorers program, arts, and craft, storytime, etc. There is also a planetarium with a variety of programs including laser light shows.

9 Kids Museums in New Jersey that are Worth Visiting

  • Newark Museum.

The Newark Museum`s Tibetan galleries are considered among the best in the world with the largest collection of American, Afro Asian art, decorative arts, or contemporary art including Asia, and America. There are over 70,000 specimens of Natural Science collection that are a great way to explore the history of arts and music, dance, drawing, storytelling, etc. Therefore, if you are looking for Kid`s Museum then it can be a great place for you.

On every Saturday and Sunday kids can paint with clay, found materials, during the Maker SPACE program. Kids can have constellation curious travel through the solar system in the planetarium.

9 Kids Museums in New Jersey that are Worth Visiting

  • Morris Museum. 

Actively running since 1913, the Morris Museum is the second-largest children’s museum in New Jersey spread over an area of 75,524 square feet. The museum is fully accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. It hosts many events like Tot Tours for kids ages between 2-5 and monthly family fun days with a theme like chocolate and Dr. Seuss. The kid`s theater also has frequent movie programs for kids. The latest additions include a large model train set and a collection of vintage toys also on display. In Addition, to that, you can also see special programs, lectures and studio art classes held for kids

Open:  (Tuesday to Sunday)

Entrance: Adults $10, Children $7

9 Kids Museums in New Jersey that are Worth Visiting

  • Sterling Hill Mining Museum.

It is an old mine that is turned into a Children Museum, it is around 80 feet below the ground. There are many tunnels where miners were used to mining zinc a few decades ago. It is amazing to experience for kids where they will be able to take a tour in the Rainbow Tunnel that glows with fluorescent minerals and gems.  The Museum displays around 1000 items that include historical mining equipment and materials from around the globe.

Mine Tours Costs = $ 12 to $9 for kids

Open Daily from April – Oct and Weekends from November to March.

Sterling-Hill-Mining-Museum" 9 Kids Museums in New Jersey that are Worth Visiting

  • Stone Museum.

It is a type of unique children museum and wonderland that is spread over 47 acres. It showcases the landscaping ideas that include fantasy outdoor scrapes with 100s of displays with stone products, set around beautiful fountains, lakes and waterfalls, islands with gazebos. These beautiful displays are must watch for everyone. There are also four wedding sites, huge dinosaurs made of auto parts and a play area for physically challenged people. The new additions include the huge collection of minerals cobra helicopters and tanks.

Timing: Closed during winters, Reopens in April

9 Kids Museums in New Jersey that are Worth Visiting

  • Northlandz Miniature Wonderland.

Northlandz is the world`s largest miniature wonderland, that is listed in the Guinness book of the world record. It has thousands of miniature houses, bridges, buildings, rivers and 8 miles long railroad. You will see around 100 trains running over the track alongside different areas, where you will also see people, cars, Aeroplanes and much more all in miniature form. Everything here is handmade and you will be amazed by the work of the artist. All the models are beautiful and detailed. It is simply one of the best children`s museums that your kids every visit. They’re also a big space for the events and birthday, so enjoy your events there with the whole family. If you visit during the weekends you can also take an outdoor train ride that chugs around the area for 10 minutes. Also not to forget about an art gallery and dolls house there as well

Open: Wed-Mon (Tuesday Closed)

Northlandz Tickets: Varies

9 Kids Museums in New Jersey that are Worth Visiting

  • Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center.

Although small, Yogi Berra Kid`s Museum has been established on the campus of Montclair State University. A well-curated exhibition that acknowledges the New York baseball, including the art of catching, and others while the Yogi Beera was a D-day veteran. Your kids will see dozens of world series rings, gems on displays all won by New York Yankees team in the last few decades.

9 Kids Museums in New Jersey that are Worth Visiting

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