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Weight Loss: 9 Protein Foods that Can Help Lose Weight



Weight Loss: 9 Protein Foods that Can Help Lose Weight

Weight loss! This is the single most interesting topic that engages most of the people across the world. Everyone, in the same way, or the other, worries about losing weight.

Now, the general idea is, the lesser you eat, the lesser the weight gain and thus your weight remains in check! But this is far from the real truth! Not eating is not the solution here. Controlled and selective eating is the answer. Here, we are listing some of the best ideas for protein food that leads to weight loss.

Protein Foods to Lose Weight

Weight Loss: 9 Protein Foods that Can Help Lose Weight



This is not only useful for the good old Popeye, but it has several positive effects on the human body. You would be surprised to know how much protein is contained in spinach.

One cup of this leafy vegetable has as much protein as a hardboiled egg. But it might not be that pleasing to the taste buds. So you could steam it instead of having the food raw.

Also, you could team the spinach with some pasta or omelet to toss in the vegetables to make for an exciting meal. Apart from proteins, it has a good combination of vitamins for the body too.


Guava as one of the most important and nutritious foods around. In fact, it is the fruit with the highest protein content. It offers a rich 4 grams of proteins per cup of the fruit. Guavas are delicious to taste and healthy to consume. So, having these in your regular fruit content might be an exciting prospect to get the weighing scales to go down.


You would be surprised if we really told you peas are protein-rich foods. In fact, this vegetable has a lot more proteins than conventional spinach. The best part about peas is that they offer a high dose of vitamin C as well.

So one cup of these peas on a regular basis can really keep your immune system on a high. You could use peas in your regular cooked food or even use it on your sandwiches or omelets in order to have a complete meal and get started with the whole process of weight loss.


This is a great idea for snacks every now and then. Be it an early morning snack just before those long jogging sessions or some light snacks in the evening. This is a very useful food item to keep with you, especially when you are traveling and have some time between two meals.

But what we do not exactly know about almonds is that they are great sources for proteins that can lead to weight loss.

Pumpkin Seeds

Ever heard of the goodness of pumpkin seeds as an option for weight loss? These are more than just the eyes of the pumpkin face for Halloween days! Consuming these seeds on a regular basis can do wonders for your health. These are great sources of proteins.

Pumpkin seeds can bridge the time gap between two meals so that you are not hungry. These are great options for losing weight if you have pumpkin seeds for one meal a day.

Organic Eggs

We all know the importance of hard-boiled eggs for a good meal. This is especially true when the food in question is an organic egg. This is a rich source of protein, also keeping your blood sugar level in control.

This ensures that your sugar cravings are kept in check so that you do not gorge on one meal after another. In short hard-boiled organic eggs are rich in protein and are a great choice if weight loss is on your agenda!

Brown Rice Protein Powder

This is yet another protein food item that can keep your sugar cravings at bay. This thus forms a great idea for losing weight.

All you have to do is use the powder, some milk, and some other ingredients to make for a delightful smoothie. This is a great drink for regular drinks!


Nothing can replace the goodness of milk in your everyday diet. Make sure you have a glass of milk every day, either during breakfast or at night so that you can have good protein content in the body.

If you are not one of those who love drinking milk, you could incorporate this protein food into your diet by making a milkshake or adding some cereals in it. Some yogurt could also bring in the same effect.

Sea Food

Seafood is rich protein sources. This is especially true for oily fishes like salmons and sardines. This will not only keep your protein content high but also keep tabs on your weight. Make sure you include this in your diet on a regular basis.

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