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9 Tips to avoid Building Contract Dispute



9 Tips to avoid Building Contract Dispute

Buying a new house or constructing a new house without any building contract dispute is everybody’s dream. The contract varies with that. Contracts are usually made to eliminate the disputes that can arise between the builder and the owner. You should study the contract carefully before signing it. As, once you sign it, you as well as the builder need to follow the instructions that are written in the contract. The contract contains all the points in a written form that you as well as your builder has discussed verbally and agreed to it. If the builder does not follow the contract, then you can get in touch with the property settlement lawyers Perth, who will help you out.

If you want to save yourself from any kind of dispute, then you should make a building contract without failure. Remember that the contract you are signing involves a huge amount of money. So, if the builder does not stick to the contract, then you can approach the property settlement lawyers, who will deal with the builders legally. There is a difference between a verbal conversation and a written agreement, so be careful before signing the contract.


Time Frames

Make sure that you as well as your builder understand the time frame which includes the starting and finishing date of the project, material delivery date, the date for making changes if it is required, date of making the payment, etc. In any kind of construction work, getting delayed has become a quite natural phenomenon. So, if you want to avoid this, then you should follow the dates mentioned in the contract. Some negotiations can be done, as in some cases, the weather and climate also play a big role. Sometimes it also depends on the material delivery time also.


Pricing Details

Be clear about the pricing of all the products that are involved. There should not be any additional expenses that the builder has added on purpose to take money from you. If a builder does such kind of activities and does not remove it after you tell him you do so, and then take the help of building dispute lawyers. In case, if you are making any last-minute changes, you should also keep in mind that the expenses will be relatively higher. So, be careful before making any change.


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Description of the Material

Understand the material that you are buying. Check if it is the same material that you have both have agreed to before making the contract or not. Check whether the builder is getting the same product or is he getting a lower quality product so that he can take a share of money from that part. If any think as such happens, then get in touch with the property settlement lawyers near me. The builder should stick to the specifications which the owner and the builder have agreed while preparing the contract. Make sure that you check the quality of the materials before it has been used by the builder as after use it is of no use even if you tell to change it.


Payment Schedule

Define the payment schedules in the contract itself. Determine what amount should be paid at what dates and how you need to pay it. Make sure you keep a track of all the payments so that the contract will not get a chance to blame you any time regarding the payment.


Insurance Policy

You can buy an insurance policy if you wish to protect yourself against the unexpected circumstances that can arise at any time during the process.


Financial Assistance

Check what are the circumstances that you need to see if you do not qualify for a loan. Get the help of the builder, if you are not able to get a loan for your project. In most of the cases, the builder will help you in getting the loan. The builder might ask some money for this which you need to pay.

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While the builder is carrying out the project, go and inspect whether he is doing the work as per the norms or not. Make sure that he does not make any changes without informing you. If he does so, then you should tell the builder to fix the issue. If he does not do so, then you can take legal action.


Asking to pay the whole amount in advance

Don’t pay the whole amount to the builder, before the project is completed. Doing so will give an opportunity to the builder to run away with the money without completing the project.


Put all the variations in Writings

If any changes are made during the execution of the project, and then make sure you include all these points in the contract so that you and your builder have a track of the variations that are made in the project.

If the changes that are made are not available in the written form then the builder may deny it any time.


Tips to be considered to avoid Building Contract Dispute

  1. The first thing you should do is to prepare a contract which should have all the details regarding the project in it.

  2. Arranging weekly meetings so that both of them can discuss the details of the project.

  3. A start and a finish date should be mentioned clearly in the contract.

  4. Try to remove unnecessary expenses which are included by the builder.

  5. The contract should be clearly studied before both parties sign it.

  6. Try to put all the variations in writings so that you have a track of all the things.

  7. Discuss the payment details prior to the start of the project.

  8. Do not pay the whole amount to the builder before the project is completed.

  9. Make a visit to the site unknowingly so that you can have a look at whether the builder is doing the work properly or not.

All these above points will help you to stay away from a dispute that may arise between you and your builder.



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