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9 Ways to Achieve Zen State of Mind



9 Ways to Achieve Zen State of Mind

The world seems more chaotic by the day and it’s only normal to feel overwhelmed from time to time. If you’re looking to relax, you’ll be glad to hear that there are many ways you can introduce some Zen into your life. Keep on reading for = practices that can help you calm down and feel present in the moment.


Create a daily routine

Many people associate routines with boredom but having a structure in your day can actually provide you with peace and freedom. For example, by knowing what you have to do and when your mind will not be racing and trying to remember various things. A quieter mind will allow you to have more peace so try to add order to your everyday routine. No one is saying that you have to completely cut out spontaneity from your life but creating some sort of schedule for yourself can be very helpful.


Give yoga and meditation a try

One thing that you can try every day at the same time is yoga and meditation, for instance. Yoga is a great practice if you are looking to slow down your mind and have more balance in your life. In addition to helping with stress and relaxation, yoga is also good for your physical well-being as it can increase your strength, mobility, and flexibility. Even if you are a complete beginner, you can easily find useful yoga guides online that will help you get started. In terms of meditation, you can look for videos and apps that will guide you on your journey towards reaching Zen.

9 Ways to Achieve Zen State of Mind

Perform a body scan

As yoga and meditation can provide you with stress relief, it’s vital that you realize when you are beginning to feel anxious. By learning how to do a body scan when your anxiety starts kicking in, you will be able to notice which parts of your body are tense. Whether it’s shallow breaths, clenched jaw, or something else, noticing the ways in which your body is manifesting anxiety should help you get out of your head and feel present in the moment.


Introduce more natural light into your home

Working in dark office cubicles and staring at screens all day is just not good for anyone’s health. When you’re home, make sure to open the blinds and let your living quarters be showered in natural light. If possible, you should also spend plenty of time outside in the fresh air. Being in the sun, with sunscreen, of course, will help your body boost its vitamin D production which is vital for good mood, quality sleep, and many other health benefits.


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Surround yourself with nature

There will always be days when you don’t have time to go for a walk or you’d rather stay inside because it’s raining. As you still want to experience all the benefits of nature, you should create an environment for yourself that will bring at least a little piece of the outdoors inside. So, you can bring in plenty of houseplants into your bedroom and living room. What is more, there are even plants that can survive in the bathroom. Then, you can also order beautiful flower bouquets for a little boost of color and scent. On the other hand, if you have a garden or terrace, you want to make it as cozy and green as possible. Surround yourself with plants and natural light, and do your part in supporting the local wildlife by providing it with a safe space.

9 Ways to Achieve Zen State of Mind


Rid yourself of clutter

Another practice you should implement into your life is regularly ridding yourself of clutter. For starters, you should go through your possessions and see which ones no longer spark joy. Thank them for their service and decide what you will do with them. Instead of tossing them and increasing landfills, you can consider donating or selling them if you think someone else might need them. Do this for everything from your clothes and books to food and other supplies. Then, you can also use this method for your daily activities. Creating a routine could be much easier if you stop doing certain activities like spending hours on end in front of the TV.


Reevaluate your life goals

While discovering which activities are cluttering up your life, you can also reevaluate your dreams and goals. What are you striving towards? What is it that you think will make you happy in the long run? It’s normal to have a goal but tying your happiness to it might be what is actually making you unhappy and stressed. Instead, can you think of some other things that you do on a daily basis that make you happy? Is it playing with your pet, reading a good book, or exercising? Focus on these activities that give you peace in the present moment.


Practice compassion

Practicing compassion towards others is a great way to discover true peace and happiness. If you believe in karma, you surely already think that what you put into the world matters. So, pay attention to the feelings of other people. While putting more effort into your close relationships is crucial, you also want to be nice to everyone you meet. Hold doors for others, pick up trash when you see it, thank your waiter – the ways how you can be compassionate abound.

9 Ways to Achieve Zen State of Mind

Learn about the Japanese tea ceremony

Finally, if you’re looking for something different, you can learn more about the Japanese tea ceremony. It is a ritual that can teach you about humility and self-control as well as stimulate your brain. This practice can bring you a deep calm as it works on all five senses. You can smell the aroma of the tea and taste it, feel the glaze on the pottery, hear the water as it boils, and see some stunning images in the specialized rooms. Of course, you want to look for experts that know how to properly do the ceremony, which means that you might not be able to do it on a regular basis.


When looking to reach a state of Zen, take into account the nine above-listed ways that can help you in your mission. From surrounding yourself with nature to reevaluating your goals, there is a lot you can do.



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