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5 Complete Guide when buying Baby Care Products



5 Complete Guide when buying Baby Care Products

When it comes to buying baby care products, it’s crucial to choose tried and tested products. It is because baby skin is so delicate and prone to dryness and irritation so easily. You need to choose the mild baby products that are effective and don’t do any harm to your baby’s skin. There are some ingredients like colorants, formaldehyde, etc. that are proved to be harmful to baby skin. Mild products can also help to protect baby skin from environmental irritants such as dust, toxins, etc.

How to buy baby care products?

Baby skin is thinner, but still, it acts as a barrier to the outside irritants, and it strengthens in almost a year. It means that your skin protects you a lot better than the baby’s sensitive skin protects them.  According to baby doctors, their skin retains more moisture than the adult skin because of their thin skin. It can also lose moisture due to the same reason. Bathing or moisturizing their skin with the chemicals infused products will result in dry out and irritated skin.

Here is an easy and quick guide when buying baby products. Follow this guide before buying any skin or hair product for your baby.


  • Choose Baby Specified Products Always:

Baby skin needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, massaged and moisturized properly. You need to choose products that are specifically designed for babies. The products that are used for adults are not good enough for babies because their skin is quite delicate and soft, unlike adults. Baby specified products are milder, and they are formulated with safe formulas and ingredients. They can balance your little one skin and protect it against irritation.


  • Choose Baby Products that are Free from Chemicals:

Before buying baby care products, read the product labels and ingredients carefully. Your baby products should be free of harmful additives like harsh soaps, alcohol, formaldehyde, and other artificial perfumes, etc. All these additives can cause allergies and discomfort to your baby’s skin.

Also, make sure that your product is free of parabens: that ingredient is often used in cosmetics. This chemical could be absorbed more easily by baby skin, making them vulnerable to get their skin harmed easily.

Look for the artificial dyes and scents as well. It is an unnecessary addition to baby care products. Look for the palate in the ingredients as well and avoid buying such kind of products.


  • Buy Products with Tear-free Formula:

Try to find the baby care products with tear-free formula, so that it doesn’t harm your toddler’s eyes. Buy shampoo and conditioner for babies that are never tested on animals.


  • Beware about Natural & Organic Products Difference:

Some baby care brands market their products as natural or organic. Don’t get fooled by these words because even some products are labeled as 100 percent natural, but they still contain preservatives or some chemicals. Always read the labels carefully before purchasing a product.  Make sure that the ingredients used are safe to use for infants and young children.  Products with natural ingredients like honey and essential oils are best for babies.


  • Don’t be fooled by Clever Marketing:

Never get fooled by the overwhelming amount of advertisements when they say baby’s best. When it comes to baby sensitive skin, natural and organic ingredients are necessary. Baby skin doesn’t need any specific chemical for any purpose. Natural ingredients are quite enough to enhance their natural beauty.





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Which ingredients to avoid while Buying Baby Care Products?

Baby first few months are the most critical in many areas, and skincare is one of them. Products that are based on the natural and plant-based formulas are best for their skin. Here is the list of ingredients you need to avoid when buying a Baby Care Products.


Parabens are the most harmful chemical that can even damage adult skin. It can easily irritate the baby’s skin and they can also disturb the hormones functions of babies.


It is another chemical that can be harmful to your little’s sensitive skin. Don’t buy the products with formaldehyde additives.

Artificial Fragrances and Dyes

Avoid artificial additives and fragrances, they may smell pretty but they can also cause skin allergies.

Mineral Oil

It is cheap petroleum that is used in many skincare products. It acts as a skin coating ingredient that may block skin pores and bothers the skin’s natural breathing process.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

It is the substance that is used to create foamy bubbles, and it is quite economical. This ingredient can also irritate your toddler, so avoid buying products that contain SLS. There is another ingredient called SLS. Don’t get confused with it that is not harmful to the skin.

Newborn babies till the age of 2 wear diapers all day long. This can cause skin rashes and irritations. Use diaper rash cream or talc-free baby powder to avoid skin problems.




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