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4 Cultural Trip to Marrakech



Cultural Trip to Marrakech

Talking about the cultural trip to Marrakech? It’s cool. Marrakech is a famous imperial city having a lot of cultural activities. That way of exploring the city always inspires me. Bridging the cultures always charms me with new energies. I really like to visit the culturally famous sights of a place, in that regard, the museums of the place helps me to understand the area, their traditions and the whole living manner. When I was in Marrakech, I could gather a lot of cultural experiences I never thought of them before. If you are thinking to spend your Winter holidays in Marrakech, you are thinking right. It is the ultimate destination for doing unique things which you never have thought before. Let’s talk about the things you are gonna experience on your next trip.

Cultural Things To Experience In Marrakech

Why visit Marrakech? Of course to have the cultural experiences and make your holidays worthy. Marrakech is a captivating city of Morocco which has a lot of exposure to its culture and traditions you should explore. Here are the experiences being in Marrakech you should have.

Experience a Stay in a Traditional Riad

Living in Riad is a very first impression of your cultural experiences in Marrakech. When we landed in Marrakesh Menara airport, our driver was waiting for us and moved us to the place where we have to live. That place is a home-like place called “Riad” in Moroccan language our driver told. Coming from London and then experiencing living in Riad is a shock we had to take as an adventure first.

Cultural Trip to Marrakech

When we were used to of living in a decorated traditional room of a riad, that was all very fine and counts in our good experiencing in Marrakech. My suggestion is if you are in Marrakech and to experience the little cultural things, you will have to stay in traditional Riad, enjoy the environs provided to you, it is just like home. In the first night, there were mosquitos in the room to bite us all in our body, the same night the room service provider provided us with the mosquito spray. Other than that, our experience was cool. The riads are mostly clean in Marrakech, so don’t worry, have fun.

A Visit to the Very Famous, DJema el-Fnaa

The same day when we reached, we took a cat nap and moved to discover the city out. Our first experience to visit the very known and famous Market of Marrakech and that is Djema el Fna. I explored the significance of the place with a little history. This place of the city is a zero point, the very center of the town. The central square of the city offers a colorful market allows you to stroll and shop the things of your choice. I and my kids shop them the leather jackets because in London, there is mostly the cold and no other option to avoid the cold other than covering yourself properly. The long boots were there but I didn’t like the color.

Cultural Trip to Marrakech

We had the orange juice which was very fresh on time, window shopped some culinary and other items, enjoyed the snake charmers and fortune-tellers there. My little son tried to hold a snake but when he saw the tongue coming out of the mouth of the snake, he screamed and we moved on. It was very funny to discover the cultural hub of the city, the heart of the city, Djema el-Fna. I would recommend you to jot it down in your list, it would bring you the great experiences in life, especially if you are a new visitor.

Visit a Hammam in Marrakech, It’s Unique

My very unique experience in Marrakech was taking bath in the traditional bathroom “Hammam” there. It was amazing. We went to the first class traditional bathroom there with all the spa services. Because this was a ladies bathroom, my husband and kids went to the separate Hammam which they told to me later, was the perfect experience of their life. There are a number of public hammams throughout in Marrakech and maybe its Moroccan culture so all over the country. That’s the unique experience everyone visiting Marrakech should have.

Hamman in Marrakech

Museums Are the Major Source of Practical Knowledge

Without going to the Museums of the place, your visit to the place is incomplete and useless I believe. Museums are a great source of practical knowledge about the locals, their traditions, history, and culture. In Marrakech, you will see a number of Museums because it’s an old city and many things preserved for the next generations. I regard and recommend you to visit Dar di Said Museum to experience the archaic architecture of the cit.

Cultural Trip to Marrakech

The Marrakech Museum displays the contemporary art, weapons, and other things, you should also visit the Maison de la Photographie to explore the arts, the history in pictures

You should also stroll in the souks of an old city to seek the authentic culture of the town, I’ve mentioned my experience and that is only the glimpse of what you can do in regard of exploring the culture. My suggestion for the destination is, you should visit Marrakech to explore the culture and have fun there, that is the best way to spending your extraordinary holidays in Morocco.


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