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A Mom & Her Hatchlings



A Mom & Her Hatchlings

A Mom & Her Hatchlings | Wife, Mom & Boss | Mom & the American Dream!

A Super Mom in her own right, Meri Nuhanovic, Owner at  Hatched Boutique, wanted to share her story on working and still manage to have a family bonding.

My name is Meri, and in addition to being a mother, one of the most demanding jobs in the world, I also run a business that is dear to my heart. Hatched Boutique provides eco-friendly, sustainable, and organic products to mothers and babies who care about the long-term. My products are sourced ethically, and I believe that taking a stand in this respect will make a true difference in the marketplace.


My husband and I are both from Bosnia (we were born there, but grew up in America). We met in college, fell madly in love, and got married. Shortly after, we emptied out our savings to invest in him starting his own business in transportation. I turned my ambitious work ethic into a corporate career for just short of a decade.

A Mom & Her Hatchlings

Super Mom – Meri Nuhanovic, founder of Hatched Boutique, a baby & children’s clothing store that offers unique products are environmentally friendly while offering a bit of whimsy to your hatchlings ever-growing needs.


We welcomed our first baby in 2014. My husband always told me that I should do something for myself and be my own boss, but at the time, the thought of leaving a steady job in big business worried me. One never knows what could happen, and now that we had a child to support, I felt even more strongly about it. At least one of us should have a steady job with a corporation, I reasoned.


In 2017, my husband approached me again and asked what kind of business I would start if he gave me the money to get it off the ground. Even then, I knew without thinking twice: I would do something with children’s clothing and gifts. Something that allowed me to pour my energy into both my children and my business at the same time, without being forced to divert my attention from either one.


I ultimately settled on the idea that I could work an online boutique part-time while continuing on at my corporate job. I went with my gut and started Hatched Boutique. The idea came from my thought of a baby chicken hatching. To me, that represented a mom and baby perfectly. In 2018, I became a mother again and had my second little Hatchling. After a brief maternity leave, I went back to my corporate job, because I just couldn’t leave my job after so much hard work and commitment.


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I tried my hand at the daycare, breastfeeding, and 7-4 job routine. When I finally became overwhelmed in every aspect, I realized it was time to give up something. My heart was more at home with my kids and my little startup. I quit my job in May of 2019 to devote my full professional attention to the organic boutique, and haven’t looked back since.

My husband is my biggest supporter.  He never pushed me. He knew I would eventually come around to being my own boss. We are blessed to be able to have a nanny for the baby so I can work on Hatched, but still be that working stay-at-home mom.


I begin my day to day venture by evaluating which needs are most urgent. If I have a sick child, curating my next line of products can probably wait a few hours while we get to the doctor. If there’s a major business emergency, I can likely utilize the talents of my nanny for a few hours while I turn my attention to urgent matters. In either case, I find it’s a good idea to have a little outside help on hand, so I can take care of both my child and my business, whatever arises.


I plan my daily activities around the things that matter most: my business and my child. I take about every other weekend completely off from work, so I can recharge, focus on my family, and get vital inspiration and energy for moving forward.

Some days I still struggle. Should I work on Hatched, or should I volunteer at my kindergartners school, because he loves to see me there? When it comes down to it, I will always choose my kids first, and Hatched can be done when everything settles at night or at nap time. I like the idea of slow growth and progress rather than a fast and frenetic business model. It’s a lesson I learned from my husband, and it’s worked for us over the years. Sometimes, in the battle of the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise really does win the race.

A Mom & Her Hatchlings

I love the feeling of spending time with my kids and working on Hatched within the structure and safety of a less hectic lifestyle. Everything has a season; and for me, 2018 was a season of growth, life-changing events, and realizing what’s most important to me and my little hatchlings.


My best advice for building a personal business while maintaining a family? Keep it all in perspective. If you have a business you legitimately care about and believe in, that’s the foundation for an endeavor your children and family will likely care about, too. They will very likely even learn to care about the things you are putting your time into. My organic boutique isn’t a major corporation, but it does focus on caring for the earth, our babies, and ourselves, all at the same time. To me, those are the most important things in the world.

Tess DiNapoli is an artist, freelance writer, content strategist, and dedicated cat-mom. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about travel, health and wellness, but also enjoys covering the fashion industry and world of fitness.

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