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A Quick Guide to Land a Job at Amazon



A Quick Guide to Land a Job at Amazon

Getting a job at Amazon is no lesser than a dream for many developers all around the world. This company needs no introduction as it is one of the largest in the world holding the numbers of more than a million-strong workforce. However, with the rapid rate of hiring, don’t think that the Amazon interview Bootcamp questions will be an easy task since the company still emphasizes company culture and leadership principles.

Today we will be guiding you through everything you need to be aware of if you want to successfully crack an Amazon interview along with a step-by-step preparation guide.


Overview of a typical interview

Let’s say you are looking for a potential software engineering job at Amazon, in that case, you should be aware of what is holding in there. The more polished your preparation is, the more it will reflect with your confidence.


Let’s look at it with a simplified breakdown:

  • Timeline of the interview: The complete session of the interview will take six to eight weeks.
  • Types of the interview: The Amazon interview tips are based on different types of interviews. If it is a coding one, there will be five to seven interviews where an assessment would be done for fit and aptitude, few online tests, and 4-6 onsite interviews that are called The Loop.
  • The loop: During the onsite interviews, 1-3 interviews take place with the hiring manager and along with a session of amazon’s 14 leadership principles.
  • Coding questions: There will be programming questions that would focus on the algorithm, data structures, puzzles, and more.
  • Level of hiring: At amazon, the hiring proceeds at entry level 4 out of 12 in total, and the range of salary depends on such levels itself.
  • Teams in hiring: The hiring is done based on teams and the most common ones are Alexa and AWS.
  • Required programming language: If you are aiming to grab a job at Amazon, make sure you know the basics of coding languages such as Ruby, Java, Perl, Python, and C++.


How to get going with the amazon interview

  • Start with your resume

For the amazon interview Bootcamp 2021, the first thing you need to have is an updated resume and it is there on your LinkedIn profile. Have proper usage of deliverables and metrics when you can as they provide a clear picture of your accomplishments. Typically recruiters will show interest based on the same thing.


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  • Coding assessment preparations

It is your responsibility to appear in a coding interview with full preparations for technical assessment. The recommended period for the self-study would be for three months. During this tenure, you need to prepare for the programming language, go through the basics, and work your way around with the in and outs of algorithms, data structures, OS, system design, concurrency concepts, and object-oriented programming.


  • A session with a recruiter

You can expect a small session lasting 15 to 30 minutes with your recruiter where he will be assessing your interest level and determine if you are a good fit for the position. The recruiter might enquire about a few technical aspects with you which will be similar to the amazon interview questions asked at the main one. The purpose behind this is to get a clear picture of your skills and what would be your approach.


  • The online assessment

Once you are done with the call from the recruiter, it’s time to administer an online coding test, an aptitude test, and a debugging test. Most of these questions will deal with basic permutation, combination, and probabilities.


  • Phone interviews

Once you are done past the pre-screen and the mandatory online assessment, it’s time that the recruiter focuses on scheduling your next round. The chances are that this will be with a hiring manager or a team manager which you might be the next part of. Since we have reached this stage in the process, the coming schedule will hold one to three interviews more. Here the questions would be much straight and generally focuses on the resume. You can expect to write or review code as well as demonstrate what technical knowledge you have.


It has been seen in the amazon Bootcamp course that they are fond of testing your data structure and algorithm knowledge. You must be aware of the runtimes, theoretical limitations, and basic implementation strategies with multiple cases in algorithms.

  • For data structure, learn arrays, stacks, trees, and graphs
  • For algorithm, learn quicksort, binary search, and dynamic programming


The final offer:

With the usual amazon interview, the response will be there within a week from the recruiter. Don’t worry; even if you haven’t been selected the Amazon will give you a call. And this will be the perfect opportunity for you to sharpen up the skills since the reapply will be possible after six months now.



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