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Scrapes and Cuts: A Remedy Based On Honey and Sage



Scrapes and Cuts: A Remedy Based On Sage and Honey

The combination of honey and sage gives an antiseptic remedy very useful for treating cuts and scrapes. Discover here in more detail the benefits of this remedy as well as the stages of preparation.

There are several ways to treat cuts and scrapes depending on the severity of the injury. Often when the wound is superficial and the skin remains clean, the healing process takes place on its own. However, to speed up this process, we can resort to some natural remedies.

Some naturally occurring ingredients such as sage and honey have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, properties that help protect the skin from infection. Also, these ingredients contain antioxidants and essential nutrients that promote healing. The cuts and scratches are marks which indicate that the skin has been damaged. These marks usually cause bleeding, redness and pain. However, the healing process is usually quick and uncomplicated.

Fortunately, at the moment there are many options to protect the skin in case of superficial lesions. Beyond pharmaceutical options, many natural remedies prove to be very effective. This is the case with the sage and honey remedy that we suggest you discover here. This natural remedy is recognized for its antiseptic and healing properties.

The combination of sage and honey offers a natural alternative to disinfect the affected skin area and thus minimize the risk of infections. Also, this remedy helps to calm the irritation and relieve the swelling around the injury. Find out here without further ado what are the benefits of this natural remedy and how to prepare it.

The benefits of the natural remedy based on sage and honey to heal cuts and scrapes

The benefits of sage when treating cuts and scrapes

Thanks to its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, sage is one of the medicinal plants that can help heal cuts and scrapes. Sage has been used in natural medicine since Antiquity, in particular, to prevent the growth of bacteria and that of other pathogenic microorganisms.

Applied topically, sage relieves the discomfort linked to skin wounds, not only by reducing the risk of infections in the exposed areas but also by regenerating the tissues, regeneration which promotes better healing.


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The benefits of honey

The benefits of raw honey for skin, hair, and over All Health are countless. One of the most popular ingredients for the preparation of alternative remedies is organic bee honey. Thanks to its antibiotic, antifungal and antiseptic properties, honey is an excellent option for preventing and treating infections.

Also, a topical application promotes better skin health, because honey also has moisturizing properties: it helps regenerate tissues that have been attacked due to injury. Honey also has calming properties ideal for relieving the discomfort associated with cuts and scrapes such as itching, burning or pain.

Scrapes and Cuts: A Remedy Based On Sage and Honey

Preparation of the natural remedy based on sage and honey

The preparation of this natural remedy to treat cuts and scrapes is rather simple. Also, the ingredients are easy to find, as we find them in supermarkets as well as in herb stores.

The most important thing is to get 100% organic honey because the other varieties do not offer the same nutritional quality or the same properties.

Caution: Avoid using this remedy if the cut or scratch is still open. Keep in mind that serious injuries should be treated by a healthcare professional as soon as possible. If, at first glance, the injury seems serious, consult a healthcare professional immediately.


  • 2 tablespoons of powdered sage or 30 g of dried sage leaves
  • 4 tablespoons organic bee honey (60 g)


  • 1 sterile bottle
  • 1 wooden spoon


  • To begin with, if you have opted for dried sage leaves, grind them to a fine powder. If you wish, you can inquire with an herbalist to find out if he has extracts of sage powder.
  • Then transfer the sage powder into a previously sterilized bottle.
  • Now add the tablespoons of honey and mix everything using a wooden spoon.
  • When the preparation is ready, close the bottle and store it in a cool, dark place for a full day.
  • Once the indicated time has elapsed, you can start using the product.


  • Clean the wound area well.
  • Apply the sage and honey remedy that you prepared by performing a gentle massage.
  • Leave the product to act for around twenty minutes.
  • After this time, rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat the operation two to three times a day until the skin regenerates completely.

Do you already have this remedy in your first aid kit? Now that you know how to prepare this effective remedy, make sure you have it on hand to treat these minor everyday wounds.

Keep in mind that the preparation can be used for one or two months if you keep it in the refrigerator or any other cool place.




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